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Routledge Series on Learners, Teachers, and the Economy

About the Series

Routledge Series on Learners, Teachers, and the Economy presents cross-cutting scholarly inquiries from a range of inter-disciplinary perspectives that converge on learning, teaching, and growth. The series engages a syndetic set of thematic areas concerning the future of learning, the future of teaching, and the future of growth, and aims to make meaning of how societal processes, educational stakeholders, and individual outcomes intricately relate, as well as how these interlinks are affected by and respond(ing) to rapid changes at macro-, meso-, and micro-levels. Each book offers a fresh perspective on the relationship among learners, teachers, and the economy, through cutting-edge and integrative research at the intersection of education, economics, sociology, political science, psychology, information technology, and/or development studies. The series serves as an international platform for theoretically-sound, context-grounded, methodologically-sophisticated, and societally-meaningful research that address critical emerging issues facing learning, teaching, and growth in the 21st century.


Series Editor:

Ji Liu is Professor of comparative education and economics of education at Shaanxi Normal University.

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Teacher Labour Markets during an Era of Economic Boom China through 1979–2019

Teacher Labour Markets during an Era of Economic Boom: China through 1979–2019

1st Edition

By Ji Liu
September 25, 2023

This book sets out to examine the underlying educational implications of rapid economic transformation, using illustrative analyses of teacher labour markets during the years of unprecedented economic growth in China. Combining historic document archive and empirical micro-level quantitative data,...

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