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Routledge Series on the Belt and Road Initiative

About the Series

By examining different aspects of the Belt and Road Initiative and its impacts, this interdisciplinary series addresses (disputed) theoretical, conceptual, methodological, and empirical issues related to the academic debate on the origin, impact, and responses of the BRI. The book series welcomes proposals from disciplines across the social sciences and humanities.

The series seeks to answer questions such as: What are the patterns of interaction and the mechanisms of Chinese corporations and their involvement in national industries, their relationship to foreign investment projects, and the extent to which they are embedded in the local economy of host countries? How do Chinese governments, companies, and institutions respond to the demands, challenges, and problems raised by the government, market, and the people of host countries? What are the impacts of the BRI on the global order and governance and how can the BRI alter the existing regional and global order?

With an international series editorial board including experts from the US, Europe and China, this series will draw together the key thinking connected to the BRI as it continues to development and forge links around the world.

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China’s Communication of the Belt and Road Initiative Silk Road and Infrastructure Narratives

China’s Communication of the Belt and Road Initiative: Silk Road and Infrastructure Narratives

1st Edition


By Carolijn van Noort
August 20, 2021

This book examines how China’s international political communication of the Belt and Road Initiative comprises narratives about infrastructure and the Silk Road. By carefully selecting infrastructure modalities and Silk Road representations, it is argued that China’s aesthetic production of the ...

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