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Routledge Series on the Indian Ocean and Trans-Asia

About the Series

This new series brings together the study of Asia, Africa, and Oceania in contemporary times. Focusing on Indian Ocean/Trans-Asian worlds, the series looks at inter-and intra-relations and practices together rather than as separate realms to expand the limits of Indian Ocean and Asian scholarship by including new gateways, trajectories, and conjunctions and disjunctions over land and water. Decentering a coastal/littoral/national approach, it offers a venue for new units of analysis and conceptual frameworks. In addition to exploring new or hidden histories of older cultural connections, this series is also interested in novel methodologies, ethnographies, and historiographies that challenge the spatial and epistemological boundaries of Indian Ocean and Asian Studies. Seeking to unpack the complexities of the rapidly changing Asian/oceanic life-worlds and relationships, we focus on topics including, but not limited to, modern intellectual or material histories, the Anthropocene in Asia, contemporary religious movements, human-nonhuman intimacies, infrastructure and architecture, botanical lives, expressive cultures and media, intangible knowledges and lived histories, forms of embodiment, cultural memory, the Indian Ocean as a polycentric memory space, and landscape practices and ecologies. The series welcomes proposals for edited books and monographs.

Editorial Advisory Board: Sunil Amrith, Yale University, USA; Kumari R. Issur, University of Mauritius; Pedro Machado, Indiana University, USA; Dilip M. Menon, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa; Allen F. Roberts, University of California-Los Angeles, USA

To submit a proposal, please contact the series editors:

Smriti Srinivas, University of California, Davis, USA: [email protected]

Neelima Jeychandran, Penn State University, USA: [email protected]

or Dorothea Schaefter, Routledge: [email protected]


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Reimagining Indian Ocean Worlds

Reimagining Indian Ocean Worlds

1st Edition

Edited By Smriti Srinivas, Bettina Ng'weno, Neelima Jeychandran
July 03, 2020

This book breaks new ground by bringing together multidisciplinary approaches to examine contemporary Indian Ocean worlds. It reconfigures the Indian Ocean as a space for conceptual and theoretical relationality based on social science and humanities scholarship, thus moving away from an area-based...

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