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About the Series

Cultural and social history now embraces the history of sport in all its forms. Routledge History are acknowledging this development by introducing ‘Soccer Histories’, a new series designed to attract academic researchers seeking to publish on the history of association football/ football/ soccer.

The series editors are Chris Bolsmann, Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at California State University Northridge, USA and Dil Porter, Emeritus Professor of Sports History and Culture at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK.

Soccer’s reach is global and the series is seeking to make a major contribution to the cultural and social history of the world game, embracing both men’s and women’s football. Proposals for books of around 60,000-70,000 words, aimed primarily at the academic market are invited. Ideally, these should be based on new research or bring new perspectives to bear on issues of interests to teachers and students of History, Sports History, Football Studies and Sports Studies more generally at the university level.

Proposals will be especially welcome in the following areas:-

  • histories of the game in particular countries and regions with an emphasis on its role in the formation of national, regional and local identities
  • histories relating to the development of women’s football
  • explorations in transnational and international football history including surveys of the development of the game across Africa, Central Europe, South-East Asia, North America, South America and other key regions
  • histories relating to the institutional framework of the global game, such as the Olympic movement, FIFA, its associated regional federations and national associations
  • cultural and social histories of soccer in cities worldwide which locate its development within a particular urban cultural context – studies in this area might encompass key inter-club rivalries and their historical significance
  • deep historical explorations of significant moments in the history of the world game and their wider significance, such as the first Men’s World Cup tournament in 1930, the first Women’s World Cup in 1991 and Olympic football tournaments
  • the history of the game as a mediated experience –journalism, television and digital media
  • edited collections relating to any of the above

The series also looks to accommodate reprints of classic texts which have made important contributions to our understanding of the history of association football with new critical introductions.

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Football and International Relations under Francoism, 1937–1945

Football and International Relations under Francoism, 1937–1945

1st Edition


By Juan Antonio Simón
October 25, 2024

This book shines a light on the specific role football played in relation to the international relations of the Franco regime in mid-twentieth century Spain. In the thirty-five years of the dictatorship of General Francisco Franco, sport, and specifically football as the main mass sport, was often ...

The British, Soccer and Identity in the Caribbean Class, Race, Ethnicity and Nation, 1908–1973

The British, Soccer and Identity in the Caribbean: Class, Race, Ethnicity and Nation, 1908–1973

1st Edition


By Roy McCree
August 08, 2024

This book examines the role of the British in the diffusion and development of soccer on the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago, in the light of issues of race, ethnicity, colour, class and national identity, in the period 1908–1973. This role was expressed in the activities of understudied ...

From the Privileged to the Professionals The Early Years of the FA Cup

From the Privileged to the Professionals: The Early Years of the FA Cup

1st Edition

By Graham Curry
July 07, 2023

This book is concerned with the early years of the Football Association Challenge Cup – more commonly known as the FA Cup – examining events from its inception in 1871–2 to the beginning of the Football League in 1888–9. The work is underpinned by the figurational sociology of Norbert Elias, ...

Female Football Spectators in Britain 1863-1939 A Historical Analysis

Female Football Spectators in Britain 1863-1939: A Historical Analysis

1st Edition

By Robert Lewis
May 30, 2023

This book analyses women as spectators at men’s association football (soccer) in Britain from 1863 to 1939. The author shows that women have always been present at men’s football in Britain, a fact not always acknowledged in modern popular accounts of the game, albeit as a small minority in overall...

Association Football and English Society, 1863-1915 (revised edition)

Association Football and English Society, 1863-1915 (revised edition)

1st Edition

Edited By Dilwyn Porter, Tony Mason
March 16, 2023

Association football, as it developed rapidly in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries, both reflected British society and helped to reshape it. In this newly released edition of Tony Mason’s essential account of the game’s rise, focusing on issues such as the amateur–professional ...

Regeneration through Sport Football, Sport, and Cultural Modernization in Spain, 1890-1920

Regeneration through Sport: Football, Sport, and Cultural Modernization in Spain, 1890-1920

1st Edition

By Andrew McFarland
December 01, 2022

This book examines how and why sport in general, and football in particular, entered the country and developed successfully between 1890 and the 1920s, while placing that growth within the context of Spain’s larger historical experience. The introduction of sport in the late 19th century ...

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