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The Routledge Student Readers are specially designed with the needs of busy lecturers in mind. They will be edited by leading experts and will give students access to key texts - both classical and contemporary - in the major areas of sociology. They will also help them to get the most from their reading by providing more editorial guidance than is usual in readers.

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Theories of Race and Racism A Reader

Theories of Race and Racism: A Reader

3rd Edition

Edited By Les Back, John Solomos
May 17, 2022

Theories of Race and Racism: A Reader provides an overview of historical and contemporary debates in this vital and ever-evolving field of scholarship and research. Combining contributions from seminal thinkers, leading scholars and emergent voices, this reader provides a critical reflection on key...

Fashion Theory A Reader

Fashion Theory: A Reader

2nd Edition

By Malcolm Barnard
August 04, 2020

This thoroughly revised and updated edition of Fashion Theory: A Reader brings together and presents a wide range of essays on fashion theory that will engage and inform both the general reader and the specialist student of fashion. From apparently simple and accessible theories concerning what ...

The Body A Reader

The Body: A Reader

1st Edition

Edited By Mariam Fraser, Monica Greco
January 10, 2005

The body has become an increasingly significant concept in recent years and this Reader offers a stimulating overview of the main topics, perspectives and theories surrounding the issue. This broad consideration of the body presents an engagement with a range of social concerns, from the processes ...

The Information Society Reader

The Information Society Reader

1st Edition

Edited By with Raimo Blom, Erkki Karvonen, Harri Melin, Kaarle Nordenstreng, Ensio Puoskari, Frank Webster, Professor Frank Webster
December 17, 2003

There has been much debate over the idea of 'the information society'. Some thinkers have argued that information is becoming the key ordering principle in society, whereas others suggest that the rise of information has been overstated. Whatever the case, it cannot be denied that '...

Crime and Media A Reader

Crime and Media: A Reader

1st Edition

Edited By Chris Greer
October 02, 2009

This engaging and timely collection gathers together for the first time key and classic readings in the ever-expanding area of crime and media. Comprizing a carefully distilled selection of the most important contributions to the field, Crime and Media: A Reader tackles a wide range of issues ...

Emotions A Social Science Reader

Emotions: A Social Science Reader

1st Edition

Edited By Monica Greco, Paul Stenner
January 15, 2009

Are emotions becoming more conspicuous in contemporary life? Are the social sciences undergoing an an 'affective turn'? This Reader gathers influential and contemporary work in the study of emotion and affective life from across the range of the social sciences. Drawing on both theoretical and ...

The Sociology of Health and Illness A Reader

The Sociology of Health and Illness: A Reader

1st Edition

Edited By Michael Bury, Jonathan Gabe
November 12, 2003

A wide-ranging collection of both classic writings and more recent articles in the sociology of health and illness, this reader is organized into the following sections: * health beliefs and knowledge* inequalities and patterning of health and illness* professional and patient interaction* chronic...

The Creolization Reader Studies in Mixed Identities and Cultures

The Creolization Reader: Studies in Mixed Identities and Cultures

1st Edition

Edited By Robin Cohen, Paola Toninato
October 15, 2009

Increasingly, ‘creolization’ is used to analyse ‘cultural complexity’, 'cosmopolitanism’,‘hybridity’, ‘syncretism’ and ‘mixture’, prominent and growing characteristics of the global age. The Creolization Reader captures all these meanings. Attention to the ‘creolizing world’ has enormous potential ...

Social Movements A Reader

Social Movements: A Reader

1st Edition

Edited By VINCENZO RUGGIERO, Nicola Montagna
July 29, 2008

This timely Reader plays an important role in the field of social movements. It fills a significant gap by covering a number of connected areas within social studies. Responding to growing demand for interpretation and analysis of re-emerging social conflicts in the developed, as well as the ...

Social Research Methods A Reader

Social Research Methods: A Reader

1st Edition

Edited By Clive Seale
December 22, 2003

Bringing together many of the core classic and contemporary works in social and cultural research methods, this book gives students direct access to methodological debates and examples of practical research across the qualitative/quantitative divide. The book is designed to be used both as a ...

Gender A Sociological Reader

Gender: A Sociological Reader

1st Edition

By Stevi Jackson, Sue Scott
December 21, 2001

The first gender reader in UK to focus on sociological perspectives, this book offers students an informed overview of some of the most significant sociological work on gender produced over the last three decades. Edited by leading authorities, the readings cover both theoretical and empirical work...

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