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Routledge Studies in African Politics and International Relations

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The African Politics and International Relations series seeks to provide readers with a conceptual and comparative perspective on transformations associated with the rise of Africa in international relations and within the global economy. The series explores the empirical and theoretical implications of the engagement of both old and new players, the redefinition of the continent's politics, socio-economic transitions and changing patterns of region-building, both within Africa and with the global South. The series, through its focus on the reappraisal of the role and conception of African agency, seeks to provide readers with a comprehensive, accessible, and insightful treatment of issues that challenge conventional understandings and representations of Africa.

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Regionalism in Africa Genealogies, institutions and trans-state networks

Regionalism in Africa: Genealogies, institutions and trans-state networks

1st Edition

By Daniel C Bach
May 24, 2017

Africa, which was not long ago discarded as a hopeless and irrelevant region, has become a new 'frontier' for global trade, investment and the conduct of international relations. This book surveys the socio-economic, intellectual and security related dimensions of African regionalisms since the ...

China's Aid to Africa Does Friendship Really Matter?

China's Aid to Africa: Does Friendship Really Matter?

1st Edition

By Zhangxi Cheng, Ian Taylor
May 17, 2017

Although China has rapidly increased foreign aid to Africa and is now a relatively major player in the developmental assistance regime, little is still known regarding how China delivers its foreign aid, and even less about how this foreign aid actually works in the recipient countries. This book,...

Real Governance and Practical Norms in Sub-Saharan Africa The game of the rules

Real Governance and Practical Norms in Sub-Saharan Africa: The game of the rules

1st Edition

Edited By Tom De Herdt, Jean-Pierre OLIVIER de SARDAN
February 07, 2017

Although international development discourse considers the state as a crucial development actor, there remains a significant discrepancy between the official norms of the state and public services and the actual practices of political elites and civil servants. This text interrogates the variety of...

African Migrants and Europe Managing the ultimate frontier

African Migrants and Europe: Managing the ultimate frontier

1st Edition

By Lorenzo Rinelli
December 08, 2016

The process of migration control mirrors the trajectories of the people who traverse national boundaries, making today’s borders flexible and fluid. This book explores the transformation of migration control in the post 9/11 era. It looks at how border controls have become more diffuse in the face ...

Homegrown Development in Africa Reality or illusion?

Homegrown Development in Africa: Reality or illusion?

1st Edition

By Chukwumerije Okereke, Patricia Agupusi
December 08, 2016

Internationally driven development programmes have not been entirely successful in transforming the economic status of African countries. Since the late 1990s many African countries have started to take initiatives to develop an integrated framework that tackles poverty and promotes socio-economic ...

Reconstructing the Authoritarian State in Africa

Reconstructing the Authoritarian State in Africa

1st Edition

Edited By George Klay Kieh, Jr., Pita Ogaba Agbese
October 10, 2016

This work seeks to examine the nature and dynamics of authoritarianism in Africa and to suggest ways in which the states covered in the book can be democratically reconstituted. In 1990, a wave of euphoria greeted the "third wave of democratization" that swept across the African Continent. The ...

Critical Perspectives on African Politics Liberal interventions, state-building and civil society

Critical Perspectives on African Politics: Liberal interventions, state-building and civil society

1st Edition

Edited By Clive Gabay, Carl Death
August 03, 2016

Strong states and strong civil societies are now increasingly hailed as the twin drivers of a ‘rising Africa’. Current attempts to support growth and democracy are part of a longer history of promoting projects of disciplinary, regulatory and liberal rule and values beyond ‘the West’. Yet this is ...

Africa in Global International Relations Emerging approaches to theory and practice

Africa in Global International Relations: Emerging approaches to theory and practice

1st Edition

Edited By Paul-Henri Bischoff, Kwesi Aning, Amitav Acharya
October 07, 2015

Recent scholarship in International Relations (IR) has started to study the meaning and implications of a non-Western world. With this comes the need for a new paradigm of IR theory that is more global, open, inclusive, and able to capture the voices and experiences of both Western and non-Western ...

African Agency in International Politics

African Agency in International Politics

1st Edition

Edited By William Brown, Sophie Harman
September 11, 2014

This book analyses the rapidly increasing role of African states, leaders and other political actors in international politics in the 21st Century. In contrast to the conventional approach of studying how external actors impacted on Africa’s international relations, this book seeks to open up a ...

Neopatrimonialism in Africa and Beyond

Neopatrimonialism in Africa and Beyond

1st Edition

Edited By Daniel C. Bach, Mamoudou Gazibo
July 23, 2012

Neopatrimonialism, a system whereby rulers use state resources for personal benefit and to secure the loyalty of clients in the general population, is central to any teaching or conceptualisation of contemporary African politics. This book is a theoretical and comparative study of neopatrimonialism...

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