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Routledge Studies in American Philosophy

About the Series

This series is dedicated to monographs and essay collections that examine, from diverse theoretical perspectives, any aspects of America’s rich web of philosophical traditions, from the 17th Century onwards. Frequently associated with pragmatism, particularly in the United States, American philosophy also encompasses many other schools of thought, and has had a significant impact on the development of contemporary epistemology, ethics, metaphysics, philosophy of language, philosophy of science, and political philosophy. By publishing outstanding treatments of its many diverse threads, this series aims to become the default resource for scholars and students interested in a full picture of American philosophy.

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Ethics, Practical Reasoning, Agency Wilfrid Sellars’s Practical Philosophy

Ethics, Practical Reasoning, Agency: Wilfrid Sellars’s Practical Philosophy

1st Edition


Edited By Jeremy Randel Koons, Ronald Loeffler
December 30, 2022

This is the first volume devoted exclusively to the practical philosophy of Wilfrid Sellars. It features original essays by leading Sellars scholars that examine his ethical theory, his theory of practical reasoning, and his theory of intentional agency. While most scholarship on Sellars’s ...

Challenging the New Atheism Pragmatic Confrontations in the Philosophy of Religion

Challenging the New Atheism: Pragmatic Confrontations in the Philosophy of Religion

1st Edition

By Aaron Pratt Shepherd
August 01, 2022

This book presents a pragmatic response to arguments against religion made by the New Atheism movement. The author argues that analytic and empirical philosophies of religion—the mainstream approaches in contemporary philosophy of religion—are methodologically unequipped to address the “Threefold ...

The Philosophy of Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Philosophy of Ralph Waldo Emerson

1st Edition

By Joseph Urbas
August 01, 2022

This study offers the first comprehensive account of Emerson's philosophy since his philosophical rehabilitation began in the late 1970s. It builds on the historical reconstruction proposed in the author's previous book, Emerson's Metaphysics, and like that study draws on the entire Emerson ...

John Dewey’s Ethical Theory The 1932 Ethics

John Dewey’s Ethical Theory: The 1932 Ethics

1st Edition

Edited By Roberto Frega, Steven Levine
May 06, 2022

This book provides a wide-ranging, systematic, and comprehensive approach to the moral philosophy of John Dewey, one of the most important philosophers of the 20th century. It does so by focusing on his greatest achievement in this field: the Ethics he jointly published with James Hayden Tufts in ...

The Ethics of Richard Rorty Moral Communities, Self-Transformation, and Imagination

The Ethics of Richard Rorty: Moral Communities, Self-Transformation, and Imagination

1st Edition

Edited By Susan Dieleman, David E. McClean, Paul Showler
May 06, 2022

This book contains diverse and critical reflections on Richard Rorty’s contributions to ethics, an aspect of his thought that has been relatively neglected. Together, they demonstrate that Rorty offers a compelling and coherent ethical vision. The book's chapters, grouped thematically, explore ...

William James and the Moral Life Responsible Self-Fashioning

William James and the Moral Life: Responsible Self-Fashioning

1st Edition

By Todd Lekan
April 07, 2022

This book offers a compelling new interpretation of James’ moral philosophy: an "ethics of responsible self-fashioning." James’ performative writing style articulates this conception by showing how moral inquiry serves both social and personal transformation. James the social moral philosopher ...

Disability and American Philosophies

Disability and American Philosophies

1st Edition

Edited By Nate Whelan-Jackson, Daniel J. Brunson
February 24, 2022

Given basic commitments to philosophize from lived experience and a shared underlying meliorist impulse, American philosophical traditions seem well-suited to develop nascent philosophical engagement with disability studies. To date, however, there have been few efforts to facilitate research at ...

Intentionality in Sellars A Transcendental Account of Finite Knowledge

Intentionality in Sellars: A Transcendental Account of Finite Knowledge

1st Edition

By Luz Christopher Seiberth
December 16, 2021

This book argues that Sellars’ theory of intentionality can be understood as an advancement of a transcendental philosophical approach. It shows how Sellars develops his theory of intentionality through his engagement with the theoretical philosophy of Immanuel Kant. The book delivers a provocative...

The Ethics, Epistemology, and Politics of Richard Rorty

The Ethics, Epistemology, and Politics of Richard Rorty

1st Edition

Edited By Giancarlo Marchetti
November 05, 2021

This book features fourteen original essays that critically engage the philosophy of Richard Rorty, with an emphasis on his ethics, epistemology, and politics. Inspired by James’ and Dewey’s pragmatism, Rorty urged us to rethink the role of science and truth with a liberal-democratic vision of ...

Charles Peirce on Ethics, Esthetics and the Normative Sciences

Charles Peirce on Ethics, Esthetics and the Normative Sciences

1st Edition

By James Jakób Liszka
August 12, 2021

This book presents a comprehensive and systematic picture of Charles Peirce’s ethics and aesthetics, arguing that Peirce established a normative framework for the study of right conduct and good ends. It also connects Peirce’s normative thought to contemporary debates in ethical theory. Peirce ...

C.I. Lewis The A Priori and the Given

C.I. Lewis: The A Priori and the Given

1st Edition

Edited By Quentin Kammer, Jean-Philippe Narboux, Henri Wagner
May 04, 2021

This edited collection explores the philosophy of Clarence Irving Lewis through two major concepts that are integral to his conceptual pragmatism: the a priori and the given. The relation between these two elements of knowledge forms the core of Lewis’s masterpiece Mind and the World Order . While ...

Pragmatism and Social Philosophy Exploring a Stream of Ideas from America to Europe

Pragmatism and Social Philosophy: Exploring a Stream of Ideas from America to Europe

1st Edition

Edited By Michael G. Festl
December 30, 2020

This book explores the role that American pragmatism played in the development of social philosophy in 20th-century Europe. The essays in the first part of the book show how the ideas of Peirce, James, and Dewey influenced the traditions of European philosophy, especially existentialism and the ...

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