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Routledge Studies in Ancient Disabilities

About the Series

Routledge Studies in Ancient Disabilities is a series dedicated to the investigation of new perspectives, the application of new approaches, and the promotion of period-based and cross-cultural investigations of disability throughout antiquity. Extending beyond the core disciplines of ancient history, archaeology and classical studies, the series aims to provide a forum for scholars with diverse backgrounds, including bioarchaeology, biblical studies and contemporary disability studies, to explore the evidence for disabilities within communities extending from the Bronze Age to late Antiquity. Encouraging cross-disciplinary studies, the series aims to bring questions of disability and impairment into dialogue with those concerning status, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and other lived experiences, as well as to consider how successive generations have received, appropriated, or reworked these forms of identity. Ultimately, the series seeks to expand the geographical, cultural, and chronological scope of work on ancient disabilities and broaden our understandings of physical impairment and mental and intellectual disabilities (and related conditions).

For further information about contributing to the series, please contact Dr Emma-Jayne Graham at [email protected]

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Disability in Ptolemaic Egypt and the Hellenistic World Plato’s Stepchildren

Disability in Ptolemaic Egypt and the Hellenistic World: Plato’s Stepchildren

1st Edition


By Alexandra F. Morris
December 13, 2024

This is one of the first single-authored books to utilise Critical Disability Studies and the lens of embodiment to comprehensively unveil, explore, and celebrate disability in Ptolemaic Egypt and the Hellenistic world through a critical examination of art, artefacts, texts, and human remains. ...

Disability in Ancient Egypt and Egyptology All Our Yesterdays

Disability in Ancient Egypt and Egyptology: All Our Yesterdays

1st Edition


Edited By Alexandra F. Morris, Hannah Vogel
September 26, 2024

This book explores disability across time and space—from ‘ancient Egypt’ as a culture to Egyptology as a contemporary field—to go beyond simply identifying disability, encouraging readers to thoughtfully consider the history of disabled people in ancient Egypt and Egyptology. Through a critical ...

Disability Studies and the Classical Body The Forgotten Other

Disability Studies and the Classical Body: The Forgotten Other

1st Edition

Edited By Ellen Adams
May 31, 2023

By triangulating the Greco-Roman world, classical reception, and disability studies, this book presents a range of approaches that reassess and reimagine traditional themes, from the narrative voice to sensory studies. It argues that disability and disabled people are the ‘forgotten other’ of ...

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