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Routledge Studies in Arabic Linguistics

About the Series

Routledge Studies in Arabic Linguistics is a state-of-the-art series presenting high quality research on the linguistics of Arabic. Titles in the series range from reprinted classics to innovative studies in the field and cover both research monographs and edited volumes.

Contributions are welcomed from all areas of linguistic study applied to the Arabic language, including but not limited to phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, discourse analysis, stylistics, sociolinguistics, language and communication, historical linguistics, dialectology, language acquisition, language pedagogy, corpus linguistics, bilingualism and Arabic for specific purposes, etc.

Published in English, titles in the series will be of great interest to postgraduate students and scholars in the fields of Arabic language and linguistics.

If you have a book proposal or idea in mind that might be suitable for the series, please contact the series editor James Dickins ([email protected]). For more information on submitting a proposal to Routledge, please visit

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Arabic Writing in the Digital Age Towards a Theoretical Framework

Arabic Writing in the Digital Age: Towards a Theoretical Framework

1st Edition


By Saussan Khalil
January 29, 2024

The written and spoken forms of Arabic have been traditionally viewed as separate forms of the language that rarely overlap in writing, but this book will examine the recently emerged concept of ‘mixed’ writing that combines both written and spoken forms. This book takes a close look at different ...

Thematic Structure and Para-Syntax: Arabic as a Case Study

Thematic Structure and Para-Syntax: Arabic as a Case Study

1st Edition

By James Dickins
March 16, 2020

Thematic Structure and Para-Syntax: Arabic as a Case Study presents a structural analysis of Arabic, providing an alternative to the traditional notions of theme and rheme. Taking Arabic as a case study, this book claims that approaches to thematic structure propounded in universalist linguistic ...

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