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Routledge Studies in Asian Behavioural Sciences

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The book series examines and explores the experiences of Asian populations living in Asia as well as in international communities. It breaks new ground in behavioural research by considering issues in an Asian or cross-cultural perspective. What is unique about the series is its unprecedented exploration and examination of behavioural issues confronting Asian populations or problems occurring in Asian communities. This series is a convenient venue and respectable choice for scholars who want to publish their exceptional Asian research to a global audience. It provides the international community with access to valuable academic resources of Asian scholars and is an important arena for mutual exchange and sharing between Asian universities and academic institutions in other parts of the world.

It provides a meaningful platform for a diverse and rich community of local and international scholars on a range of academic disciplines, such as social work, psychology, psychotherapy, counseling and expressive art, to engage in fruitful exchange of knowledge and dialog to understand complex and diverse behavioural issues that cross cultures and continents. Due to the wide scope of this book series, it is possible for potential authors to integrate various aspects of behavioural sciences into one book, or compare similar problems in different Asian communities, thus highlighting its inter-disciplinary or comparative nature.

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Psychology in Southeast Asia Sociocultural, Clinical, and Health Perspectives

Psychology in Southeast Asia: Sociocultural, Clinical, and Health Perspectives

1st Edition

Grant J. Rich, Jas Laile Jaafar, David Barron
May 14, 2020

Despite diverse, rich cultural traditions and abundant economic opportunity, there has been a paucity of research on psychology in Southeast Asia. This book aims to fill that gap, with a series of well-written theoretical and empirical chapters by PhD psychologists in SE Asia along with respected ...

Grief, Bereavement and Meaning Making in Older People Views from Rural China

Grief, Bereavement and Meaning Making in Older People: Views from Rural China

1st Edition

Haimin Pan
February 13, 2020

Spousal bereavement seems to be one of the most devastating things a person can suffer through during the course of his or her life and it can result in adverse bio-psycho-social consequences for the left behind spouse. This book offers updated views from incorporating meaning making theory and ...

Empowering Asian Youth through Volunteering Examples of Theory into Practice

Empowering Asian Youth through Volunteering: Examples of Theory into Practice

1st Edition

Elaine Suk Ching Liu
September 02, 2019

This book describes the origin, development and current state of volunteerism in Asia and Hong Kong. It also presents a field-tested model of empowering through volunteerism (namely, the CYEP at City University), that involves youth, governmental and non-governmental agencies and their ...

Creativity in Chinese Contexts Sociocultural and Dispositional Analyses

Creativity in Chinese Contexts: Sociocultural and Dispositional Analyses

1st Edition

Chau-kiu Cheung, Xiaodong Yue
August 30, 2019

Examining creativity in Chinese societies from both a personal and contextual standpoint, this ground-breaking book offers readers a unique insight into the Chinese mind. It provides a review of the nature, origins, and consequences of creativity, deriving from empirical evidence in the Chinese ...

Understanding Crime in Villages-in-the-City in China A Social and Behavioral Approach

Understanding Crime in Villages-in-the-City in China: A Social and Behavioral Approach

1st Edition

Zhanguo Liu, T. Wing Lo
August 22, 2019

Rapid urbanization of economic zones in China has resulted in a special social phenomenon: "villages-in-the-city." Underdeveloped villages are absorbed during the expansion of urban areas, while retaining their rustic characteristics. Due to the rural characteristics of these areas, social security...

A Comparison of Eastern and Western Parenting Programmes, Policies and Approaches

A Comparison of Eastern and Western Parenting: Programmes, Policies and Approaches

1st Edition

Low Yiu Tsang Andrew
January 30, 2019

Parenting adolescents is a challenging task for parents. Professionals offer a range of support and parenting programmes to support parents. However, the importance of culturally adapting parenting programmes to benefit parents and their adolescent children hasn’t always been understood. This book ...

Idol Worship in Chinese Society A Psychological Approach

Idol Worship in Chinese Society: A Psychological Approach

1st Edition

Xiaodong Yue, Chau-kiu Cheung
October 30, 2018

This book introduces psychosocial studies of idol worship in Chinese societies. It reviews how idol worship is perceived in Chinese culture, history, and philosophy as well as how it differs from the concept of celebrity worship that is more dominant in Western literature. Using a pioneering ...

Humor and Chinese Culture A Psychological Perspective

Humor and Chinese Culture: A Psychological Perspective

1st Edition

Xiaodong Yue
July 27, 2017

This book addresses psychological studies of humour in Chinese societies. It starts by reviewing how the concept of humour evolves in Chinese history, and how it is perceived by Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism respectively. It then compares differences in the Western and the Chinese perceptions ...

Psycho-Criminological Perspective of Criminal Justice in Asia Research and Practices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Beyond

Psycho-Criminological Perspective of Criminal Justice in Asia: Research and Practices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Beyond

1st Edition

Heng Choon (Oliver) Chan, Samuel M.Y. Ho
March 16, 2017

This book offers both theoretical and practical examinations of the psycho-criminology of criminal justice in Asia, with particular emphasis on the Hong Kong and Singapore contexts. It is designed to present the current state of the field, which addresses key topics in three major sub-areas – ...

Hidden Youth and the Virtual World The process of social censure and empowerment

Hidden Youth and the Virtual World: The process of social censure and empowerment

1st Edition

Gloria Hongyee Chan
October 06, 2016

Hidden Youth and the Virtual World examines the phenomenon of ‘hidden youth’ or hikikomori, as it is better known in Japan as well as Hong Kong. Exposure to the Internet has allowed these young persons to develop a high level of capability within the virtual world, however these are skills that are...

Psychoanalysis in Hong Kong The Absent, the Present, and the Reinvented

Psychoanalysis in Hong Kong: The Absent, the Present, and the Reinvented

1st Edition

Diego Busiol
October 05, 2016

How is it possible that a phenomenon like psychoanalysis, which has dominated the cultural and intellectual life of the last century in Europe, North and South America, has seemingly had little-to-no resonance in Hong Kong? This book attempts to explain this phenomenon. Addressing the subject from ...

Archaeology of Psychotherapy in Korea A study of Korean therapeutic work and professional growth

Archaeology of Psychotherapy in Korea: A study of Korean therapeutic work and professional growth

1st Edition

Haeyoung Jeong
December 03, 2014

This is the first English book dedicated solely to the historical development of psychotherapy in Korea. It is an archaeological research of literature relating to the care and treatment of mind in Korean history in dialogue with spiritual, philosophical, cultural, social, and medical perspectives....

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