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Routledge Studies in Comparative Political Thought

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The aims of this book series are twofold: first, to move away from the singular focus on European and North American approaches to political theory and to encompass also African, Asian, and Latin American political thought; second, to develop methodological tools for a rigorous scheme of comparison that will change some of the foci of political theory as currently conceived. We believe that the balance of research and insight must at least in part detach itself from the almost exclusive focus on (Western) Europe and North America if we are to accumulate knowledge on what it means to think politically across cultures and continents and if we are to appreciate the richness and diversity of such thinking.

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The Politics of National Character A Study in Interwar East European Thought

The Politics of National Character: A Study in Interwar East European Thought

1st Edition

By Balázs Trencsényi
August 07, 2013

The book is a comparative analysis of the ideological constructions of national specificity in Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary. Studying the growing infatuation with "national essence" it seeks to understand the radicalization of nationalism in East Central Europe in connection with the shift of the...

Comparative Political Thought Theorizing Practices

Comparative Political Thought: Theorizing Practices

1st Edition

Edited By Michael Freeden, Andrew Vincent
December 06, 2012

This edited book introduces students and scholars to Comparative Political Thought. Featuring contributions from an excellent international line-up of esteemed scholars it examines some of the following issues: Is political theory 'Western-centric'?  What can we learn from non-Western ...

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