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Routledge Studies in Contemporary Political Economy

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This series presents a fresh, broad perspective on the key issues in the modern world economy, drawing in perspectives from management and business, politics and sociology, economic history and law.

Written in a lively and accessible style, it will present focused and comprehensive introductions to key topics, demonstrating the relevance of political economy to major debates in economics and to an understanding of the contemporary world.

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Trade Protectionism in an Uncertain and Interconnected Global Economy

Trade Protectionism in an Uncertain and Interconnected Global Economy

1st Edition

By Nicolás Albertoni
September 29, 2023

Trade Protectionism in an Uncertain and Interconnected Global Economy presents the results of almost five years of research on the political economy of trade policy. It argues that in a global context dominated by economic uncertainty and interdependencies, the mechanisms that have fueled the ...

The Political Economy of Competitiveness Corporate Performance and Public Policy

The Political Economy of Competitiveness: Corporate Performance and Public Policy

1st Edition

By Michael Kitson, Jonathan Michie
July 26, 2000

The Political Economy of Competitiveness offers an original perspective on the relationship between economic theory and policy. It places the issues within an accessible political economy perspective. Rejecting the narrowness of mainstream economics the authors deploy an interdisciplinary approach ...

Political Economy of the Environment An Interdisciplinary Approach

Political Economy of the Environment: An Interdisciplinary Approach

1st Edition

By Simon Dietz, Jonathan Michie, Christine Oughton
May 30, 2014

This book is the culmination of several years work by a group of academics, policy-makers and other professionals looking to understand how alternative economic thinking – and indeed thinking from quite different social-scientific disciplines – could enhance the mainstream economic approach to ...

Bilateral Trade Agreements in the Asia-Pacific Origins, Evolution, and Implications

Bilateral Trade Agreements in the Asia-Pacific: Origins, Evolution, and Implications

1st Edition

Edited By Vinod Aggarwal, Shujiro Urata
January 13, 2006

The Asia-Pacific region has witnessed a rapid rise in bilateral preferential trade agreements at the beginning of the twenty-first century. This trend could have potentially dramatic effects on the trading patterns of countries in the transpacific region and beyond. Some argue that these accords ...

Creative Industries and Developing Countries Voice, Choice and Economic Growth

Creative Industries and Developing Countries: Voice, Choice and Economic Growth

1st Edition

Edited By Diana Barrowclough, Zeljka Kozul-Wright
November 15, 2011

Pushing the frontiers of the new development paradigm, this book guides debates, clarifies new themes and illustrates how the cultural resources of the developing world can become a new way of integrating into the global economy - helping to raise the voices of developing countries, widening the ...

Systems of Production Markets, Organisations and Performance

Systems of Production: Markets, Organisations and Performance

1st Edition

By Brendan Burchell, Simon Deakin, Jonathan Michie, Jill Rubery
December 27, 2002

In recent years we have seen the predictions of our forebears that leisure time would increase as the years pass utterly confounded. It is a fact of life that in major cities across the world, transport systems are full to bursting with people on their way to and from work. As people have come to ...

Hollywood Economics How Extreme Uncertainty Shapes the Film Industry

Hollywood Economics: How Extreme Uncertainty Shapes the Film Industry

1st Edition

By Arthur De Vany
November 13, 2003

Just how risky is the movie industry? Is screenwriter William Goldman's claim that "nobody knows anything" really true? Can a star and a big opening change a movie's risks and return? Do studio executives really earn their huge paychecks? These and many other questions are answered in Hollywood ...

New Economy, New Myth

New Economy, New Myth

1st Edition

By Jean Gadrey
December 23, 2002

The 'new economy' has been criticised greatly of late, and after the speculation and hype that surrounded the internet bubble, this is hardly surprising. This book, first published in French and updated here, however treats the 'new economy' as a discourse - one that is often misleading. In order ...

Global Economy, Global Justice Theoretical and Policy Alternatives to Neoliberalism

Global Economy, Global Justice: Theoretical and Policy Alternatives to Neoliberalism

1st Edition

By George DeMartino
February 08, 2000

This text presents a devastating critique of the currently fashionable idea of globalisation. Using comprehensive and non-technical language this book looks at the world's cultural and value diversity, and questions whether it is possible to impose a global policy, given these differences. Topics ...

Placing the Social Economy

Placing the Social Economy

1st Edition

By Ash Amin, Angus Cameron, Ray Hudson
June 07, 2002

In recent years there has been a great deal of discussion about the social economy and the term 'the third way' has attained a level of household recognition, especially in America and Britain. Academics and commentators have debated the usefulness of the social economy as a restraint on capitalist...

Social Capital Versus Social Theory

Social Capital Versus Social Theory

1st Edition

By Ben Fine
November 30, 2000

The idea of Social Capital is an attempt to incorporate social considerations into mainstream economic thinking. Its proponents feel that social factors are properly quantifiable. So, they use the compex algebra and statistics beloved of mainstream economic theory and measure 'units' of health care...

Reconstructing Political Economy The Great Divide in Economic Thought

Reconstructing Political Economy: The Great Divide in Economic Thought

1st Edition

By William K. Tabb
July 27, 1999

This volume offers an original perspective on the questions the great economists have asked and looks at their significance for todays world. Written in a provocative and accessible style, it examines how the diverse traditions of political economy have conceptualised economic issues, events and ...

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