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Routledge Studies in Critical Marketing

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Marketing has been widely criticised as being probably the least self-critical of all the business disciplines and has never really been able to escape the charge that it is socially, ethically and morally barren in certain respects. Marketers may talk about satisfying the customer, about building close relationships with their clientele, about their ethical and corporate social responsibility initiatives, but increasingly these claims are subjected to critical scrutiny and being found wanting. In a social, economic and political environment in which big business and frequently some of the most marketing adept companies’ practices are being questioned, there has emerged a very active community of scholars, practitioners and students interested in Critical Marketing Studies.

Using the types of critical social theory characteristic of Critical Marketing Studies, the aim of this series is to drive the debate on Critical Marketing into the future. It offers scholars the space to articulate their arguments at the level of sophistication required to underscore the contribution of this domain to other scholars, students, practitioners and public-policy groups interested in the influence of marketing in the structuring of the public sphere and society. It aims to be a forum for rigorously theorised, conceptually and empirically rich studies dealing with some element of marketing theory, thought, pedagogy and practice. Studies suitable for this series include theoretical contributions, conceptual elaborations, as well as empirical research that questions current "received wisdom" in marketing and consumer research.

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Sexuality in Marketing and Consumption Queer Theory, Feminist Research, and Intersectionality

Sexuality in Marketing and Consumption: Queer Theory, Feminist Research, and Intersectionality

1st Edition


Edited By Athanasia Daskalopoulou, Daniela Pirani, Jacob Ostberg
August 09, 2024

This volume provides an in-depth examination of the role of sexuality in consumers’ life course and in the marketing of products and services. Leading scholars in the field define the most up-to-date picture of theories of sexuality in marketing and consumer research, mapping the topic through ...

Anti-Consumption Exploring the Opposition to Consumer Culture

Anti-Consumption: Exploring the Opposition to Consumer Culture

1st Edition

Edited By Hélène Cherrier, Michael S W Lee
May 27, 2024

In this edited volume, the leading scholars in the field engage with consumers, marketers, corporations and policymakers as well as space dynamics and network formation to provide an in-depth examination of anti-consumption: a voluntary behavioural inclination to minimise rather than grow, to ...

The Dark Side of Marketing Communications Critical Marketing Perspectives

The Dark Side of Marketing Communications: Critical Marketing Perspectives

1st Edition

By Tim Hill, Pierre McDonagh
October 29, 2020

What fuels capitalism and what stops it from collapsing? Does marketing communications support and sustain the economic and political status quo? This book is not about describing the ways in which businesses can optimize the messages they put across or about adding to the marketing communicator’s ...

Inclusive Place Branding Critical Perspectives on Theory and Practice

Inclusive Place Branding: Critical Perspectives on Theory and Practice

1st Edition

Edited By Mihalis Karavatzis, Massimo Giovanardi, Maria Lichrou
November 30, 2017

Place branding is often a response to inter-place competition and discussed as if it operated in a vacuum, ignoring the needs of local communities. It has developed a set of methods – catchy slogans, colourful logos, ‘star-chitects’, bidding for City of Culture status etc. – that are applied as ...

Islam, Marketing and Consumption Critical Perspectives on the Intersections

Islam, Marketing and Consumption: Critical Perspectives on the Intersections

1st Edition

Edited By Aliakbar Jafari, Özlem Sandikci
January 29, 2016

In recent years, a critically oriented sub-stream of research on Muslim consumers and businesses has begun to emerge. This scholarship, located both within and outside the marketing field, adopts a socio-culturally situated approach to Islam and investigates the complex and multifaceted ...

Consumer Vulnerability Conditions, contexts and characteristics

Consumer Vulnerability: Conditions, contexts and characteristics

1st Edition

Edited By Kathy Hamilton, Susan Dunnett, Maria Piacentini
September 10, 2015

Consumer vulnerability is of growing importance as a research topic for those exploring wellbeing. This book provides space to critically engage with the conditions, contexts and characteristics of consumer vulnerability, which affect how people experience and respond to the marketplace and vice ...

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