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Routledge Studies in Democratic Crisis

About the Series

We live in an age in which popular disaffection threatens to undermine the very foundations of democratic rule. From the rise of radical right-wing populism through to public cynicism towards politicians, institutions and processes of government are being buffeted by unprecedented change that raise questions about the viability of seemingly foundational practices. At the same time, the boundaries of the political as it relates to the social are shifting, leading to more demands for better democratic practices, and creating new opportunities for different groups to resist and change traditional institutions.

This book series provides a forum for the discussion of topics and themes related to democratic crisis in a wide range of substantive areas of research, which address political arenas, but also overlap with, or extend to, the social. We seek works that push forward debate and challenge taken-for-granted orthodoxies and privilege ambitious proposals that ask big questions and engage with a range of materials. Reflecting this, the series is intentionally pluralistic in its geographic, methodological and disciplinary scope. Empirical and comparative contributions are especially welcome.

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