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Routledge Studies in Development Economics

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The last decade has seen dramatic changes in the economic position of developing countries. A minority of middle-income countries, especially in Asia, have fared relatively well. This has led some economists and policy makers to argue that other developing countries need to adopt the same policies of export led growth. However the results of this have been disappointing and many of the world's poorest countries have seen their positions decline in both relative and absolute terms. This series presents accounts of the present position of, and future prospects for, the developing countries.

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The World Bank New Agendas in a Changing World

The World Bank: New Agendas in a Changing World

1st Edition

By Michelle Miller-Adams
May 05, 1999

This book considers the nature of change at the World Bank, exploring both the external impetous for change, and the impact of the Bank's internal organization and culture. The author's findings are supported by detailed case studies of three of the Bank's most important new agendas: * private ...

Post-Apartheid Southern Africa Economic Challenges and Policies for the Future

Post-Apartheid Southern Africa: Economic Challenges and Policies for the Future

1st Edition

Edited By Lennart Petersson
February 20, 1998

This volume brings together some of the best-known and highly-regarded academics in the field to present a timely and comprehensive review of the prospects for economic integration and development in Southern Africa, and to analyse alternative strategies and policies for the future. It presents ...

South African Economy Macroeconomic Prospects for the Medium Term

South African Economy: Macroeconomic Prospects for the Medium Term

1st Edition

By Peter Brixen, Finn Tarp
November 06, 1996

What are the macroeconomic prospects for South Africa until the new millennium? Two methods of macroeconomic modelling, associated with the World Bank and IMF, are used here to generate three scenarios, based on moderately optimistic projections. The methodology used can be applied to other ...

Financial Liberalization and Investment

Financial Liberalization and Investment

1st Edition

By Kanhaya Gupta, Robert Lensink
April 08, 1996

For two decades thinking on economic policy has been dominated by the idea of economic liberalization in general and financial deregulation in particular. This field has become both extensive and controversial, yet there is no single book which treats financial deregulation in a complete and ...

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