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Routledge Studies in East Asian Linguistics

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This research monograph series is dedicated to bringing together a collection of books by scholars on the linguistic issues of East Asian languages. Predominantly focussing on Chinese, Japanese and Korean linguistics, this series is for linguists studying a single East Asian language, or a comparison of languages from the region. Approaches can be theoretical, applied, historical, comparative, experimental or interdisciplinary in nature. Proposed volumes are welcome from all areas, including theoretical aspects of a language or its dialects, language change and variation, bilingualism and multilingualism, language policy and politics, pragmatics and honorifics, discourse studies, corpus studies, language acquisition, etc. This series is also meant for heritage language teachers and teachers-to-be who study theoretical and applied aspects of their language to be better equipped for teaching. All titles in the series will be published in English and meant for an international readership.

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The Japanese Language in the Pacific Region

The Japanese Language in the Pacific Region

1st Edition


By Daniel Long, Keisuke Imamura
August 16, 2024

Long and Imamura examine language contact phenomena in the Asia Pacific region in the context of early 20th century colonial history, focussing on the effects the Japanese language continues to have over island societies in the Pacific. Beginning in the early 20th century when these islands were ...

Numeral Classifiers and Classifier Languages Chinese, Japanese, and Korean

Numeral Classifiers and Classifier Languages: Chinese, Japanese, and Korean

1st Edition

Edited By Chungmin Lee, Young-Wha Kim, Byeong-Uk Yi
August 29, 2022

Focusing mainly on classifiers, Numeral Classifiers and Classifier Languages offers a deep investigation of three major classifier languages: Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. This book provides detailed discussions well supported by empirical evidence and corpus analyses. Theoretical ...

The Grammar of Chinese Characters Productive Knowledge of Formal Patterns in an Orthographic System

The Grammar of Chinese Characters: Productive Knowledge of Formal Patterns in an Orthographic System

1st Edition

By James Myers
May 02, 2019

Anybody who reads or writes Chinese characters knows that they obey a grammar of sorts: though numerous, they are built out of a much smaller set of constituents, often interpretable in meaning or pronunciation, that are themselves built out of an even smaller set of strokes. This book goes far ...

Southern Min Comparative Phonology and Subgrouping

Southern Min: Comparative Phonology and Subgrouping

1st Edition

By Bit-Chee Kwok
February 09, 2018

Southern Mǐn refers to a group of Chinese dialects spoken mainly in Southeast China and Taiwan. This group occupies a special position in the study of Chinese dialects, not only because of its large population of speakers (around 48 million) but also because of its preservation of various archaic ...

The Grammar of Japanese Mimetics Perspectives from structure, acquisition, and translation

The Grammar of Japanese Mimetics: Perspectives from structure, acquisition, and translation

1st Edition

Edited By Noriko Iwasaki, Peter Sells, Kimi Akita
December 29, 2016

Mimetic words, also known as ‘sound-symbolic words’, ‘ideophones’ or more popularly as ‘onomatopoeia’, constitute an important subset of the Japanese lexicon; we find them as well in the lexicons of other Asian languages and sub-Saharan African languages. Mimetics play a central role in Japanese ...

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