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Routledge Studies in Environment, Culture, and Society

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This series opens up a forum for advances in environmental studies relating to society and its social, cultural, and economic underpinnings. The underlying assumption guiding this series is that there is an important, and so far little-explored, interaction between societal as well as cultural givens and the ways in which societies both create and respond to environmental issues. As such, this series encourages the exploration of the links between prevalent practices, beliefs and values, as differentially manifested in diverse societies, and the distinct ways in which those societies confront the environment. 

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Making Commons Dynamic Understanding Change Through Commonisation and Decommonisation

Making Commons Dynamic: Understanding Change Through Commonisation and Decommonisation

1st Edition

Edited By Prateep Kumar Nayak
September 26, 2022

With an emphasis on the challenges of sustaining the commons across local to global scales, Making Commons Dynamic examines the empirical basis of theorising the concepts of commonisation and decommonisation as a way to understand commons as a process and offers analytical directions for policy and...

In Pursuit of Healthy Environments Historical Cases on the Environment-Health Nexus

In Pursuit of Healthy Environments: Historical Cases on the Environment-Health Nexus

1st Edition

Edited By Esa Ruuskanen, Heini Hakosalo
May 30, 2022

In Pursuit of Healthy Environments brings temporal depth to a highly topical issue, the interaction between health and the environment. By means of a rich set of historical case studies from Americas to Europe and from the tropics to the Arctic, the volume demonstrates that the concern for creating...

Global Change in Marine Systems Societal and Governing Responses

Global Change in Marine Systems: Societal and Governing Responses

1st Edition

Edited By Patrice Guillotreau, Alida Bundy, R. Ian Perry
November 16, 2017

Global Change in Marine Systems analyses and appraises societal and governing responses to change affecting marine social and ecological systems around the world. Acknowledging the stakes – local societies that depend on marine systems for food, livelihoods and wellbeing can suffer great hardship –...

Transdisciplinary Research and Sustainability Collaboration, Innovation and Transformation

Transdisciplinary Research and Sustainability: Collaboration, Innovation and Transformation

1st Edition

Edited By Martina Padmanabhan
October 19, 2017

Transdisciplinarity is a new way of scientifically meeting the challenges of sustainability. Indeed, interdisciplinary collaboration and co-operation with non-academic ‘practice partners’ is at the core of this; creating contextualised, socially relevant knowledge about complex real-world problems....

Learning and Calamities Practices, Interpretations, Patterns

Learning and Calamities: Practices, Interpretations, Patterns

1st Edition

Edited By Heike Egner, Marén Schorch, Martin Voss
December 14, 2016

It is widely assumed that humanity should be able to learn from calamities (e.g., emergencies, disasters, catastrophes) and that the affected individuals, groups, and enterprises, as well as the concerned (disaster-) management organizations and institutions for prevention and mitigation, will be ...

Trading Environments Frontiers, Commercial Knowledge and Environmental Transformation, 1750-1990

Trading Environments: Frontiers, Commercial Knowledge and Environmental Transformation, 1750-1990

1st Edition

Edited By Gordon M. Winder, Andreas Dix
December 01, 2015

This volume examines dynamic interactions between the calculative and speculative practices of commerce and the fruitfulness, variability, materiality, liveliness and risks of nature. It does so in diverse environments caught up in new trading relationships forged on and through frontiers for ...

Green Utopianism Perspectives, Politics and Micro-Practices

Green Utopianism: Perspectives, Politics and Micro-Practices

1st Edition

Edited By Karin Bradley, Johan Hedrén
September 08, 2015

Utopian thought and experimental approaches to societal organization have been rare in the last decades of planning and politics. Instead, there is a widespread belief in ecological modernization, that sustainable societies can be created within the frame of the current global capitalist world ...

Human-Nature Interactions in the Anthropocene Potentials of Social-Ecological Systems Analysis

Human-Nature Interactions in the Anthropocene: Potentials of Social-Ecological Systems Analysis

1st Edition

Edited By Marion Glaser, Gesche Krause, Beate M.W. Ratter, Martin Welp
July 03, 2014

This book deals with the potentials of social-ecological systems analysis for resolving sustainability problems. Contributors relate inter- and transdisciplinary perspectives to systemic dynamics, human behavior and the different dimensions and scales. With a problem-focused, ...

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