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Routledge Studies in Food, Society and the Environment

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This series includes a wide range of inter-disciplinary approaches to food, society and the environment. It includes textbooks, research monographs and titles aimed at professionals, NGOs and policy-makers. Authors or editors of potential new titles should contact Hannah Ferguson, Editor ([email protected]).

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American Farming Culture and the History of Technology

American Farming Culture and the History of Technology

1st Edition


By Joshua T. Brinkman
May 06, 2024

Presenting a history of agriculture in the American Corn Belt, this book argues that modernization occurred not only for economic reasons but also because of how farmers use technology as a part of their identity and culture. Histories of agriculture often fail to give agency to farmers in bringing...

Food Justice in American Cities Stories of Health and Resilience

Food Justice in American Cities: Stories of Health and Resilience

1st Edition

By Sabine O’Hara
December 01, 2023

This book documents food insecurity in urban communities across the United States and asks whether emerging urban food and agriculture initiatives can address the food security needs of American city dwellers. While America has sufficient food to feed its entire population, 38 million people are ...

How to Create a Sustainable Food Industry A Practical Guide to Perfect Food

How to Create a Sustainable Food Industry: A Practical Guide to Perfect Food

1st Edition

By Melissa Barrett, Massimo Marino, Francesca Brkic, Carlo Alberto Pratesi
October 30, 2023

This book presents a practical guide to help businesses navigate the complex topics of sustainability in the food industry. The book takes you on a journey along the food value chain, from farm to fork, exploring key opportunities to increase positive impacts and circularity at each step of the ...

Evaluating Sustainable Food System Innovations A Global Toolkit for Cities

Evaluating Sustainable Food System Innovations: A Global Toolkit for Cities

1st Edition

Edited By Élodie Valette, Alison Blay-Palmer, Beatrice Intoppa, Amanda Di Battista, Ophélie Roudelle, Géraldine Chaboud
August 28, 2023

This book presents Urbal, an approach that applies impact pathway mapping to understand how food system innovations in cities, and their territories, change and impact food system sustainability. Around the world, people are finding innovative ways to make their food systems more sustainable. ...

Urban Expansion and Food Security in New Zealand The Collapse of Local Horticulture

Urban Expansion and Food Security in New Zealand: The Collapse of Local Horticulture

1st Edition

By Benjamin Felix Richardson
August 21, 2023

This book examines suburban development in New Zealand and its conflict with and impact on local horticulture and food security. Drawing on an ethnographic study of Auckland’s rapidly expanding urban periphery, combined with comparative case studies from California in the USA and Victoria in ...

Food Futures in Education and Society

Food Futures in Education and Society

1st Edition

Edited By Gurpinder Singh Lalli, Angela Turner, Marion Rutland
July 11, 2023

This book brings together a unique collection of chapters to facilitate a broad discussion on food education that will stimulate readers to think about key policies, recent research, curriculum positions and how to engage with key stakeholders about the future of food. Food education has gained ...

The Soybean Through World History Lessons for Sustainable Agrofood Systems

The Soybean Through World History: Lessons for Sustainable Agrofood Systems

1st Edition

By Matilda Baraibar Norberg, Lisa Deutsch
June 30, 2023

This book examines the changing roles and functions of the soybean throughout world history and discusses how this reflects the complex processes of agrofood globalization. The book uses a historical lens to analyze the processes and features that brought us to the current global configuration of ...

Community Food Initiatives A Critical Reparative Approach

Community Food Initiatives: A Critical Reparative Approach

1st Edition

Edited By Oona Morrow, Esther Veen, Stefan Wahlen
June 21, 2023

This book examines a diverse range of community food initiatives in light of their everyday practices, innovations, and contestations. While community food initiatives aim to tackle issues like food security, food waste, or food poverty, it is a cause for concern for many when they are framed as ...

Holiday Hunger in the UK Local Responses to Childhood Food Insecurity

Holiday Hunger in the UK: Local Responses to Childhood Food Insecurity

1st Edition

By Michael A. Long, Margaret Anne Defeyter, Paul B. Stretesky
May 31, 2023

This timely and much-needed book focuses on the phenomenon often referred to as "holiday hunger" in the United Kingdom.  The book begins by outlining the history and scope of holiday hunger – the condition that occurs when a child’s household is, or will become, food insecure during the summer...

Critical Mapping for Sustainable Food Design Food Security, Equity, and Justice

Critical Mapping for Sustainable Food Design: Food Security, Equity, and Justice

1st Edition

By Audrey G. Bennett, Jennifer A. Vokoun
May 02, 2023

This book introduces critical mapping as a problematizing, reflective approach for analyzing systemic societal problems like food, scoping out existing solutions, and finding opportunities for sustainable design intervention. This book puts forth a framework entitled "wicked solutions" that can be ...

Rewilding Food and the Self Critical Conversations from Europe

Rewilding Food and the Self: Critical Conversations from Europe

1st Edition

Edited By Tristan Fournier, Sébastien Dalgalarrondo
November 04, 2022

This volume contributes to the return to nature movement that is very much in vogue in contemporary European societies, by examining the place of food and eating in the "rewilding" process. It is divided into three parts, each of which consists of conversations between social scientists, with ...

Food Loss and Waste Policy From Theory to Practice

Food Loss and Waste Policy: From Theory to Practice

1st Edition

Edited By Simone Busetti, Noemi Pace
October 07, 2022

This book examines policy responses to food waste and loss, an issue of significant, global concern, with one-third of food produced for human consumption lost or wasted. Investigating food waste and loss under an interdisciplinary lens, the contributors employ a variety of methodological ...

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