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Routledge Studies in Global Land and Resource Grabbing

About the Series

Natural resource grabbing has become an increasingly prominent topic in academic circles, among development practitioners and in policy arenas. This series sustains this intellectual momentum by advancing methodological, theoretical and empirical insights. The series presents and discusses ‘resource grabbing’ research in a holistic manner by addressing how the rush for land and other natural resources (water, forests, minerals, etc.) is intertwined with agriculture, mining, tourism, energy, carbon markets, climate change, and disasters.

The series welcomes contributions from a wide range of inter-disciplinary approaches, inclusive of both social and natural sciences, and on a global basis. It includes research monographs, textbooks and titles aimed at professionals, NGOs and policy-makers. Authors or editors of potential new titles should contact Hannah Ferguson, Editor ([email protected]).

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Tourism, Land Grabs and Displacement The Darker Side of the Feel-Good Industry

Tourism, Land Grabs and Displacement: The Darker Side of the Feel-Good Industry

1st Edition


By Andreas Neef
May 10, 2021

This book examines the global scope of tourism-related grabbing of land and other natural resources. Tourism is often presented as a peaceful and benevolent sector that brings people from different cultural backgrounds together and contributes to employment, poverty alleviation, and global ...

Capitalism and the Commons Just Commons in the Era of Multiple Crises

Capitalism and the Commons: Just Commons in the Era of Multiple Crises

1st Edition

Edited By Andreas Exner, Sarah Kumnig, Stephan Hochleithner
December 31, 2020

Capitalism and the Commons focuses on the political and social perspectives that commons offer, how they are appropriated or suppressed by capital and state, and how social initiatives and movements contest these dynamics or build their struggles on commoning. The volume comprises theoretical and ...

Industrial Tree Plantations and the Land Rush in China Implications for Global Land Grabbing

Industrial Tree Plantations and the Land Rush in China: Implications for Global Land Grabbing

1st Edition

By Yunan Xu
March 18, 2020

This book analyses the political and economic causes, mechanisms and impacts of the industrial tree plantation boom in China. In the past two decades, the industrial tree plantation sector has been expanding rapidly in China, especially in Guangxi Province. Based on extensive primary data, this ...

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