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Routledge Studies in Globalisation

About the Series

The Routledge Studies in Globalisation series is edited by André Broome (University of Warwick, UK) and Leonard Seabrooke (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark).

Based in the Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation at the University of Warwick (, the Routledge Studies in Globalisation series examines key questions related to the theory and practice of globalisation and regionalisation. The Series has an interdisciplinary focus and publishes research that is methodologically and theoretically rigorous and which advances knowledge about the changing dynamics of globalisation and regionalisation, global governance and global order, and global civil society.

Associate Editors:

Shaun Breslin, University of Warwick, UK

Sophie Harman, Queen Mary University of London, UK

Richard Higgott, University of Warwick, UK

Manuela Moschella, Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy

Helen Nesadurai, Monash University, Malaysia

Andreas Nölke, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany

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Breakdown and Change of Private Interest Governments

Breakdown and Change of Private Interest Governments

1st Edition

By Claudius Wagemann
August 09, 2018

Private Interest Governments were identified in the 1980s as a special form of public regulation in selected economic sectors, rivalling conventional market, state, or community-based forms of public order. This book examines how these institutional arrangements have changed since their ...

Realising Rights How Regional Organisations Socialise Human Rights

Realising Rights: How Regional Organisations Socialise Human Rights

1st Edition

By Mathew Davies
October 26, 2017

This book presents the hitherto unstudied variety of ways that human rights socialisation is attempted in the context of regional organisations, arguing that existing conceptual accounts of this phenomenon need to be expanded to best explain this diversity. By placing the study of the European ...

Chinese Politics and International Relations Innovation and Invention

Chinese Politics and International Relations: Innovation and Invention

1st Edition

Edited By Nicola Horsburgh, Astrid Nordin, Shaun Breslin
November 08, 2016

The question of how China will relate to a globalising world is one of the key issues in contemporary international relations and scholarship on China, yet the angle of innovation has not been properly addressed within the field. This book explores innovation in China from an International ...

The New Politics of Regionalism Perspectives from Africa, Latin America and Asia-Pacific

The New Politics of Regionalism: Perspectives from Africa, Latin America and Asia-Pacific

1st Edition

Edited By Ulf Engel, Heidrun Zinecker, Frank Mattheis, Antje Dietze, Thomas Plötze
November 01, 2016

This edited volume approaches regionalism as one potential pattern in a changing global order. Since the end of the Cold War, different forms of territorialization have emerged and we are confronted with an increasing number and variety of actors that are establishing regional projects. This volume...

Historical Materialism and Globalisation Essays on Continuity and Change

Historical Materialism and Globalisation: Essays on Continuity and Change

1st Edition

Edited By Mark Rupert, Hazel Smith
October 18, 2002

Now that Soviet style socialism has collapsed upon itself and liberal capitalism offers itself as the natural, necessary and absolute condition of human social life on a worldwide scale, this book insists that the potentially emancipatory resources of a renewed, and perhaps reconstructed, ...

Civil Society and Global Poverty Hegemony, Inclusivity, Legitimacy

Civil Society and Global Poverty: Hegemony, Inclusivity, Legitimacy

1st Edition

By Clive Gabay
September 11, 2014

The Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP) is world’s largest civil society movement fighting against poverty and inequality, incorporating over 100 affiliated country-level coalitions. It has become a significant global actor and its annual days of mobilisation now attract over 175 million ...

Governance of HIV/AIDS Making Participation and Accountability Count

Governance of HIV/AIDS: Making Participation and Accountability Count

1st Edition

Edited By Sophie Harman, Franklyn Lisk
December 11, 2013

Nearly thirty years since HIV/AIDS was first identified, confusion over effective mechanisms of controlling and eradicating the illness remain prevalent. This book highlights the need for comprehensive approaches to governance, as responses to HIV/AIDS become increasingly focused upon the health ...

Globalisation and European Integration Critical Approaches to Regional Order and International Relations

Globalisation and European Integration: Critical Approaches to Regional Order and International Relations

1st Edition

Edited By Petros Nousios, Henk Overbeek, Andreas Tsolakis
November 08, 2013

This book explores the links between European integration and globalisation, and examines the potential for social transformation in the context of the global economic crisis and the resulting EU reforms. Divided into three parts, this book offers both empirical and theoretical analyses of social ...

The Political Consequences of Anti-Americanism

The Political Consequences of Anti-Americanism

1st Edition

Edited By Richard Higgott, Ivona Malbasic
November 08, 2013

Anti-Americanism as a concept is confused, often used in a contradictory fashion and invariably driven by emotion rather than intellect. Nevertheless, it casts a long policy shadow with adverse consequences (both real and potential) for actors including those who may not support the concept. This ...

The Regional Integration Manual Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

The Regional Integration Manual: Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

1st Edition

Edited By Philippe De Lombaerde, Renato Flores, Lelio Iapadre, Michael Schulz
November 08, 2013

The Regional Integration Manual brings together different methods for monitoring and analysing regional integration processes in a systematic way. Employing a multi-disciplinary approach, it seeks to provide officials in regional organisations, researchers in think tanks, academics and students ...

Comparative Regional Security Governance

Comparative Regional Security Governance

1st Edition

Edited By Shaun Breslin, Stuart Croft
November 07, 2013

This book seeks to understand the role of regions in the provision of security (and insecurity) practices across the globe. Specialists with expertise in the regions they examine present eight case studies and analyses of the Americas, Africa and the Middle East, South and East Asia, and Europe. ...

Managing Regional Energy Vulnerabilities in East Asia Case Studies

Managing Regional Energy Vulnerabilities in East Asia: Case Studies

1st Edition

Edited By Daojiong Zha
February 08, 2013

This book examines East Asia’s inter-state collaborative energy projects to address energy vulnerability. It focuses on projects that have demonstrated effectiveness in addressing vulnerabilities faced by the ten states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and China, Japan, and South Korea...

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