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Routledge Studies in Historical Linguistics

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The English Language Before England An Epigraphic Account

The English Language Before England: An Epigraphic Account

1st Edition


By Bernard Mees
September 16, 2022

This pioneering work explores epigraphic evidence for the development of English before the Anglo-Saxon period, bringing together linguistic, historical and archaeological perspectives on early inscriptions, making them more accessible to a wider audience. The volume offers a new account of the ...

Historical Linguistics and Endangered Languages Exploring Diversity in Language Change

Historical Linguistics and Endangered Languages: Exploring Diversity in Language Change

1st Edition

Edited By Patience Epps, Danny Law, Na'ama Pat-El
July 29, 2021

This collection showcases the contributions of the study of endangered and understudied languages to historical linguistic analysis, and the broader relevance of diachronic approaches toward developing better informed approaches to language documentation and description. The volume brings together...

Advances in Proto-Basque Reconstruction with Evidence for the Proto-Indo-European-Euskarian Hypothesis

Advances in Proto-Basque Reconstruction with Evidence for the Proto-Indo-European-Euskarian Hypothesis

1st Edition

By Juliette Blevins
August 21, 2018

This book presents a new reconstruction of Proto-Basque, the mother language of modern Basque varieties, historical Basque, and Aquitanian, grounded in traditional methods of historical linguistics. Building on a long tradition of Basque scholarship, the comparative method and internal ...

The Diachrony of Verb Meaning Aspect and Argument Structure

The Diachrony of Verb Meaning: Aspect and Argument Structure

1st Edition

By Elly van Gelderen
February 09, 2018

This innovative volume offers a comprehensive account of the study of language change in verb meaning in the history of the English language. Integrating both the author’s previous body of work and new research, the book explores the complex dynamic between linguistic structures, morphosyntactic ...

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