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Routledge Studies in International Political Sociology

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Routledge Studies in International Political Sociology aims to provide a forum for outstanding empirical and theoretical research engaging with the interplays between the international, the political and the social. This timely book series draws upon significant theoretical and empirical challenges within the growing critical approach of international political sociology. It seeks to address, to encourage and to conceptualise the knowledge and understanding of transversal issues at stake when exploring the different components of the heterogeneous worlds hidden behind International Relations.

This series seeks to intensify emerging conversations between sociology, social theory, anthropology, criminology, geography, law and international studies. In particular, it seeks to engage the antagonisms at the heart of disciplinary divides and modern modes of organizing worlds in innovative ways. For that purpose, international political sociology seeks to creatively rework the modern categorical dichotomies of state and society, sovereignty and market, national and international, the social and political, nation and state, global and international, and community and society. To make this conversation possible, the series is particularly keen on work that engages with sites and events that re-invent and skew in unsettling ways what is called social and political.

The series aims to act as a repository for cutting-edge research. Scholars – whether from international studies, political studies, anthropology, geography, criminology or sociology - will be able to contribute through transversal dialogues to the critical examination of issues at the forefront of social sciences. The series will comprise research monographs, edited collections and advanced textbooks for scholars, researchers, policy analysts and students. It will gather contributions from both early career and established scholars and will expand the audience for what has hitherto been a fruitful critical approach to International Relations.

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Collective Movements and Emerging Political Spaces

Collective Movements and Emerging Political Spaces

1st Edition


Edited By Angharad Closs Stephens, Martina Tazzioli
May 06, 2024

Collective Movements and Emerging Political Spaces addresses the politics of new forms of collective movements, ranging from anti-austerity protests to migrant struggles and anti-colonial demonstrations. Drawing on examples from various countries, as well as struggles taking place across borders, ...

Data Politics Worlds, Subjects, Rights

Data Politics: Worlds, Subjects, Rights

1st Edition

Edited By Didier Bigo, Engin Isin, Evelyn Ruppert
March 14, 2019

Data has become a social and political issue because of its capacity to reconfigure relationships between states, subjects, and citizens. This book explores how data has acquired such an important capacity and examines how critical interventions in its uses in both theory and practice are possible....

International Political Sociology Transversal Lines

International Political Sociology: Transversal Lines

1st Edition

Edited By Tugba Basaran, Didier Bigo, Emmanuel-Pierre Guittet, R. B. J. Walker
August 08, 2016

This book presents an overview and evaluation of contemporary research in international political sociology (IPS). Bringing together leading scholars from many disciplines and diverse geographical backgrounds, it provides unprecedented coverage of the key concepts and research through which IPS has...

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