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Routledge Studies in Intervention and Statebuilding

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The series publishes monographs and edited collections analysing a wide range of policy interventions associated with statebuilding. It asks broader questions about the dynamics, purposes and goals of this interventionist framework and assesses the impact of externally-guided policy-making.

Advisory Board: Berit Bliesemann de Guevara, Aberystwyth University; Morten Boas, NUPI; Adam Branch, San Diego State University; David Chandler, University of Westminster; Adrian Gallagher, University of Leeds; Luke Glanville, Australian National University; Shahar Hameiri, Murdoch University; John Heathershaw, University of Exeter; Eric Heinze, University of Oklahoma; Robert Murray, University of Alberta; Lee P. M. Seymour, University of Amsterdam; Timea Spitka, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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Feminist Encounters in Statebuilding The Role of Women in Making the State in Kosovo

Feminist Encounters in Statebuilding: The Role of Women in Making the State in Kosovo

1st Edition


Edited By Vjosa Musliu, Itziar Chao
April 10, 2024

This volume provides one of the first comprehensive feminist readings of international statebuilding, with a specific focus on the case of Kosovo. Rather than simply showing how the state in Kosovo is being built by and through women and feminist encounters, this volume is interested to ...

De Facto States and Land-for-Peace Agreements Territory and Recognition at Odds?

De Facto States and Land-for-Peace Agreements: Territory and Recognition at Odds?

1st Edition

By Eiki Berg, Shpend Kursani
September 25, 2023

This book presents an analytical framework which assesses how 'land-for-peace' agreements can be achieved in the context of territorial conflicts between de facto states and their respective parent states. The volume examines geographic solutions to resolving ongoing conflicts that stand between ...

Statebuilding Missions and Media Development A Context-Sensitive Approach

Statebuilding Missions and Media Development: A Context-Sensitive Approach

1st Edition

By Kerstin Tomiak
September 25, 2023

This book examines the effects of media interventions in the global South, and argues for a more adaptive and context-sensitive media development. The work investigates media development as part of statebuilding and the effects that Western-led media has in, and on, a newly built state. ...

Western Intervention and Informal Politics Simulated Statebuilding and Failed Reforms

Western Intervention and Informal Politics: Simulated Statebuilding and Failed Reforms

1st Edition

By Troels Burchall Henningsen
September 25, 2023

This book examines the political and military dynamic between threatened local regimes and Western powers, and it argues that the power of informal politics forces local regimes to simulate statebuilding. Reforms enabling local states to take care of their own terrorist and insurgency threats ...

Kosovo and Transitional Justice The Pursuit of Justice After Large Scale-Conflict

Kosovo and Transitional Justice: The Pursuit of Justice After Large Scale-Conflict

1st Edition

Edited By Aidan Hehir, Furtuna Sheremeti
May 31, 2023

This book analyses efforts to achieve justice in Kosovo for victims of crimes committed during the conflict in the 1990s, relating this to broader debates on transitional justice. The war in Kosovo has come under the jurisdiction of a number of mechanisms which fit within the broader framework of ...

New Interventionist Just War Theory A Critique

New Interventionist Just War Theory: A Critique

1st Edition

By Jordy Rocheleau
May 31, 2023

This book offers a systematic critique of recent interventionist just war theories, which have made the recourse to force easier to justify. The work argues that these theories, including neo-traditionalist prerogatives to national leaders and a cosmopolitan human rights paradigm, offer criteria ...

Kosovo’s Foreign Policy and Bilateral Relations

Kosovo’s Foreign Policy and Bilateral Relations

1st Edition

Edited By Liridon Lika
April 14, 2023

This edited book analyzes Kosovo’s foreign policy and bilateral relations with the United States and several European countries. After the 1999 liberation from Serbia, Kosovo built close relations with various countries that supported it in the process of reconstruction, economic stabilization, ...

Europeanization and Statebuilding as Everyday Practices Performing Europe in the Western Balkans

Europeanization and Statebuilding as Everyday Practices: Performing Europe in the Western Balkans

1st Edition

By Vjosa Musliu
May 18, 2021

This book provides a critical understanding of Europeanization and statebuilding in the Western Balkans, using the notion of everyday practices. This volume argues that it is everyday and mundane events that provide the entry points to showcase a broader set of practices of Europeanization in ...

International Peacebuilding and Local Involvement A Liberal Renaissance?

International Peacebuilding and Local Involvement: A Liberal Renaissance?

1st Edition

By Dahlia Simangan
February 04, 2019

This book interrogates the common perception that liberal peace is in crisis and explores the question: can the local turn save liberal peacebuilding? Presenting a case for a liberal renaissance in peacebuilding, the work interrogates the assumptions behind the popular perception that liberal ...

New Agendas in Statebuilding Hybridity, Contingency and History

New Agendas in Statebuilding: Hybridity, Contingency and History

1st Edition

Edited By Robert Egnell, Peter Haldén
August 10, 2018

This volume connects the study of statebuilding to broader aspects of social theory and the historical study of the state, bringing forth new questions and starting-points, both academically and practically, for the field. Building states has become a highly prioritized issue in international ...

Deferring Peace in International Statebuilding Difference, Resilience and Critique

Deferring Peace in International Statebuilding: Difference, Resilience and Critique

1st Edition

By Pol Bargués-Pedreny
May 10, 2018

This book explores the last 25 years of international peacebuilding and recasts them as a growing crisis of confidence in universal ideas of peacebuilding and self-government. Since current peacebuilding interventions are abandoning domineering, top-down and linear methodologies, and experimenting ...

Statebuilding in the Middle East and North Africa The Aftermath of Regime Change

Statebuilding in the Middle East and North Africa: The Aftermath of Regime Change

1st Edition

By Irene Costantini
April 06, 2018

This book examines the regime changes in Iraq and Libya to unravel the complexity of statebuilding in countries emerging from authoritarianism and conflict in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Framed in a comparative study of post-2003 Iraq and post-2011 Libya, the book examines ...

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