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Routledge Studies in Law, Society and Popular Culture

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Routledge Studies in Law, Society and Popular Culture is an inter-disciplinary series that examines the relationship between the law and all areas of popular culture. Particular foci include the regulation of spheres of popular culture and representations of law within popular culture. ‘Popular Culture’ is a broad and inclusive church that includes all aspects of leisure and culture, including but not confined to music, sport, film, media, night- time economy, art, literature, the internet etc. Whilst law may well provide a useful vehicle for an analysis of cultural activities within society the absence of law in the field may be just as important and worthy of consideration.

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Medium Law

Medium Law

1st Edition

By Daithí Mac Síthigh
September 14, 2017

Why should anyone care about the medium of communication today, especially when talking about media law? In today’s digital society, many emphasise convergence and seek new regulatory approaches. In Medium Law, however, the ‘medium theory’ insights of Harold Innis, Marshall McLuhan and the Toronto...

Readings in Law and Popular Culture

Readings in Law and Popular Culture

1st Edition

Edited By Steven Greenfield, Guy Osborn
May 10, 2013

Readings in Law and Popular Culture is the first book to bring together high quality research, with an emphasis on context, from key researchers working at the cutting-edge of both law and cultural disciplines. Fascinating and varied, the volume crosses many boundaries, dealing with areas as ...

Gigs Jazz and the Cabaret Laws in New York City

Gigs: Jazz and the Cabaret Laws in New York City

2nd Edition

By Paul Chevigny
September 25, 2012

Gigs provides a fascinating account of a unique victory for musicians against repressive entertainment licensing laws. It provides a much-needed study of the social, political, cultural and legal conditions surrounding a change in law and public attitudes toward vernacular music in New York City. ...

Television and the Legal System

Television and the Legal System

1st Edition

By Barbara Villez
July 27, 2012

This book examines the American television legal series from its development as a genre in the 1940s to the present day. Villez demonstrates how the genre has been a rich source of legal information and understanding for Americans. These series have both informed and put myths in place about the ...

Voicing Dissent American Artists and the War on Iraq

Voicing Dissent: American Artists and the War on Iraq

1st Edition

By Violaine Roussel, Bleuwenn Lechaux
July 11, 2012

Voicing Dissent presents a unique and original series of interviews with American artists (including Guerrilla Girls on Tour, Tony Shalhoub, Shepard Fairey, Sean Astin, and many others) who have voiced their opposition to the war in Iraq. Following Pierre Bourdieu's example, these discussions ...

Cricket and the Law The Man in White is Always Right

Cricket and the Law: The Man in White is Always Right

1st Edition

By David Fraser
September 22, 2005

Cricket, law and the meaning of life ... In a readable, informed and absorbing discussion of cricket’s defining controversies – bodyline, chucking, ball-tampering, sledging, walking and the use of technology, among many others – David Fraser explores the ambiguities of law and social order in ...

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