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Routledge Studies in Leadership and Leadership Development

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Leadership is a phenomenon observed in all organised human groups. However, research has shown that it is one of the least understood phenomena on earth. The number of published research studies in the field of leadership is vast and spans several decades. Nevertheless, despite such a large body of scholarship, leadership remains an elusive concept. In this age of uncertainty, globalisation and increased competition, leadership and leadership development are pertinent.

The subject of leadership has created a plethora of publications, research and debate and has become a key issue in both the public and private sectors – a ‘hot topic’. In order to run effectively, organisations are now more than ever looking at their leadership capacity and capability, developing leadership as early as possible in the careers of managers and continuing this development through the life cycle of a career in management

As a result, this new series will focus on novel and contemporary developments in leadership and leadership development. The books in the series will be research and practice informed. The aim of the series is to publish books that challenge and advance the leadership and development capabilities of readers and their organisations. The series will publish books on leadership and leadership development research with an aim of bringing together the academic and practitioner experiences and viewpoints. There is an increased relevance in leadership and leadership development as an academic subject in higher education and a rise in the number of students investigating leadership as a core subject. The series will act as a support to those studying, researching, and teaching leadership and leadership development.

The book series will challenge conventional wisdom within the domain of leadership and leadership development. It will encourage a mindset and behaviour which is important in the creation of social, environmental, and economic value within organisations. Most importantly, it will enable the readers to critically reflect on their leadership development needs and identify the potential areas for development.

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Leadership During a Crisis A Focus on Leadership Development

Leadership During a Crisis: A Focus on Leadership Development

1st Edition

Edited By Christian Harrison
February 20, 2024

We live in uncertain times propelled by complex systems, climate change and the use of technology which possess various threats. At times of crisis, leadership that permits quick reactions to the changing organisational environment becomes necessary. However, there has been limited studies that ...

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