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Routledge Studies in Literature and Health Humanities

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This series offers ground-breaking literary scholarship relevant to the field of health humanities. It pursues new understandings of the way that literature represents and engages with healthcare, health and well-being. The series will enfold and extend beyond purely medical perspectives to consider a range of non-medical and culturally defined aspects of what it means to be healthy. Aimed at interdisciplinary researchers, academics and health and social care professionals interested in care-related literary investigation these studies pursue innovative kinds of theory and application. Importantly, this series recognises the very real contribution that literature can make to knowledge and creative practices in the delivery of human well-being. The scholarship also investigates literature as social and cultural assets for physical and mental public health.

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Shakespearean Drama, Disability, and the Filmic Stare

Shakespearean Drama, Disability, and the Filmic Stare

1st Edition


By Grace McCarthy
July 27, 2021

Shakespearean Drama, Disability, and the Filmic Stare synthesizes Laura Mulvey’s male gaze and Rosemarie Garland-Thomson’s stare into a new critical lens, the filmic stare, in order to understand and analyze the visual construction of disability in adaptations of Shakespearean drama. The book ...

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