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Routledge Studies in Middle Eastern Politics

About the Series

This series is concerned with recent political developments in the region. It will have a range of different approaches and include both single authored monographs and edited volumes covering issues such as international relations, foreign intervention, security, political Islam, democracy, ideology and public policy.

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The New Silk Road Grand Strategy and the Maghreb China and North Africa

The New Silk Road Grand Strategy and the Maghreb: China and North Africa

1st Edition


By Mordechai Chaziza
October 21, 2022

Examining Chinese-North African relations through the lens of President Xi Jinping’s Silk Road grand strategy, this book offers a comprehensive analysis of emerging strategic and economic partnerships in the Maghreb region. China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ (BRI) is one of the most ambitious ...

Egyptian Foreign Relations Under al-Sisi External Alignments Since 2013

Egyptian Foreign Relations Under al-Sisi: External Alignments Since 2013

1st Edition


By Christian Achrainer
September 28, 2022

Considering both changes and continuities, this book examines how, why, and along which lines Egypt’s external alignments under the al-Sisi regime emerged and developed. Egypt’s foreign relations have changed substantially since the current regime took power in 2013. To assess this, the author ...

Israel’s Knesset Members A Comparative Study of an Undefined Job

Israel’s Knesset Members: A Comparative Study of an Undefined Job

1st Edition


By Susan Hattis Rolef
July 29, 2022

Taking Members of the Israeli Knesset, MKs, as a case study, this book offers a comparative analysis of the role of Members of Parliament (MPs) in democracies around the world. Based on the author’s experience of working for the Knesset, this book questions the lack of a comprehensive job ...

The End of the Middle East Peace Process The Failure of US Diplomacy

The End of the Middle East Peace Process: The Failure of US Diplomacy

1st Edition


By Samer Bakkour
June 23, 2022

Presenting the Middle East peace process as an extension of US foreign policy, this book argues that ongoing interventions justified in the name of ‘peace’ sustain and reproduce hegemonic power. With an interdisciplinary approach, this book questions the conceptualisation and general understanding...

Hezbollah A Regional Armed Non-State Actor

Hezbollah: A Regional Armed Non-State Actor

1st Edition


By Hadi Wahab
June 20, 2022

This book examines Hezbollah’s transition from a domestic into a regional armed non-state actor (ANSA). Taking its point of departure in Hezbollah’s historiography on the military and political levels in Lebanon, it focuses on the participation of Hezbollah’s troops in Syria’s sect-coded civil war....

Qatar The Practice of Rented Power

Qatar: The Practice of Rented Power

1st Edition

By Diana Galeeva
May 03, 2022

This book explains the parameters of Qatar’s political growth by developing an alternative theory of power – ‘rented’ power. The author demonstrates how Qatar’s emergence as a regional power can be solely explained by its capacity as a gas-rich rentier state. By using Qatar as an empirical case ...

Islam, Jews and the Temple Mount The Rock of Our/Their Existence

Islam, Jews and the Temple Mount: The Rock of Our/Their Existence

1st Edition

By Yitzhak Reiter, Dvir Dimant
February 01, 2022

This study presents the first comprehensive survey of the abundant early Islamic sources that recognize the historical Jewish bond to the Temple Mount (Masjid al-Aqsa) and Jerusalem. Analyzing these sources in light of the views of contemporary Muslim religious scholars, thinkers and writers, who –...

The Kurds in Erdogan's

The Kurds in Erdogan's "New" Turkey: Domestic and International Implications

1st Edition

Edited By Nikos Christofis
December 31, 2021

This book focuses on the AKP government since 2002 during which time the state’s approach to the Kurdish Question has undergone several changes. Examining what preceded and followed the failed putsch of 2016, it explains and critiques that situates the Kurdish Question in its broader context. It ...

Cronyism and Elite Capture in Egypt From Businessmen Cabinet to Military Inc.

Cronyism and Elite Capture in Egypt: From Businessmen Cabinet to Military Inc.

1st Edition

By Sarah Smierciak
November 30, 2021

Examining business-state networks in Egypt (1991–2020), this book highlights the complicity of international actors in facilitating inequality and elite capture. Using interdisciplinary methodology, it argues that Western actors promoting market liberalization have served as central ...

Party Politics in Turkey A Comparative Perspective

Party Politics in Turkey: A Comparative Perspective

1st Edition

Edited By Sabri Sayarı, Pelin Ayan Musil, Özhan Demirkol
September 30, 2021

Although the literature on party politics has significantly advanced both methodologically and theoretically in recent years, the study of political parties in Turkey has been noticeably disconnected and lacking from such conversations. This book evaluates well-established theories and trends in ...

Lebanese Political Parties Dream of a Republic

Lebanese Political Parties: Dream of a Republic

1st Edition

By Christian Thuselt
May 20, 2021

This book examines Lebanese political parties and their encounters with modernity. Taking three, mainly Christian parties as an example, the book refutes the idea of Middle Eastern parties being backwards or antiquated. By combining historical and anthropological perspectives, it is shown that ...

Turkey's Electoral Geography Trends, Behaviors, and Identities

Turkey's Electoral Geography: Trends, Behaviors, and Identities

1st Edition

Edited By Edip Asaf Bekaroğlu, Gülsen Kaya Osmanbaşoğlu
March 12, 2021

Analyzing Turkey’s electoral geography, this volume evaluates the geographical repercussions of the elections in Turkey since the establishment of multiparty politics in 1950. The book focuses on the last two decades, examining the interaction between electoral behavior and regional dynamics. ...

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