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Routledge Studies in Middle Eastern Society

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This new series seeks to examine the various developments and changes in contemporary Middle East society. From a variety of disciplinary approaches it includes books on issues such as globalization, the impact of economic, religious and political change on people’s lives, the family and gender relations in the region.

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Leisure and Cultural Change in Israeli Society

Leisure and Cultural Change in Israeli Society

1st Edition

Edited By Tali Hayosh, Elie Cohen-Gewerc, Gilad Padva
February 21, 2020

Providing an inclusive, yet multi- layered perspective on leisure cultures in dynamic hegemonic, subcultural, and countercultural communities, this volume investigates the disciplinary and interdisciplinary aspects of leisure studies in the age of mass migration, nationalism, cultural wars, and ...

Post-Conflict Transition in Lebanon The Disappeared of the Civil War

Post-Conflict Transition in Lebanon: The Disappeared of the Civil War

1st Edition

By Lyna Comaty
June 25, 2019

Addressing one of the most pressing issues of the Lebanese Civil War (1975-1990) that is still unresolved almost 30 years later, this book adopts a political, sociological, and anthropological approach to look at periods of transition from conflict to peace in Lebanon. Inducing a set of ...

Syrian Refugee Children in the Middle East and Europe Integrating the Young and Exiled

Syrian Refugee Children in the Middle East and Europe: Integrating the Young and Exiled

1st Edition

Edited By Michelle Pace, Somdeep Sen
March 07, 2018

Since the start of the conflict in Syria in 2011, Syrian refugee children have withstood violence, uncertainty, fear, trauma and loss. This book follows their journeys by bringing together scholars and practitioners to reflect on how to make their situation better and to get this knowledge to as ...

Israeli Identity Between Orient and Occident

Israeli Identity: Between Orient and Occident

1st Edition

Edited By David Tal
January 12, 2018

For many years before and after the establishment of the state of Israel, the belief that Israel is a western state remained unchallenged. This belief was founded on the predominantly western composition of the pre-statehood Jewish community known as the Yishuv. The relatively homogenous membership...

Education in Afghanistan Developments, Influences and Legacies Since 1901

Education in Afghanistan: Developments, Influences and Legacies Since 1901

1st Edition

By Yahia Baiza
December 08, 2017

A comprehensive and up to date study of the history of education in Afghanistan since 1901, this book demonstrates how modern education emerged and charts its fluctuating process of development, regression and destruction. Combining historical and contemporary analysis of key international and&...

A Political Economy of Arab Education Policies and Comparative Perspectives

A Political Economy of Arab Education: Policies and Comparative Perspectives

1st Edition

By Mohamed Alaa Abdel-Moneim
September 08, 2015

The failure of reform policies in areas of critical importance to Arab populations such as health and education played a central role in igniting the Arab Awakening, yet this policy perspective has been largely absent from recent studies of the region. Arab regimes most reliant on repression to ...

The War in Darfur Reclaiming Sudanese History

The War in Darfur: Reclaiming Sudanese History

1st Edition

By Anders Hastrup
June 09, 2015

No other crisis in Africa has received as much attention in the West during the past 10 years as the war in Darfur, yet the underlying complexities of the war and the background to the crisis remains poorly understood by scholars, activists and aid workers. This anthropological study of the war in...

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