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Constructing a German Diaspora The

Constructing a German Diaspora: The "Greater German Empire", 1871-1914

1st Edition

Stefan Manz
February 07, 2017

This book takes on a global perspective to unravel the complex relationship between Imperial Germany and its diaspora. Around 1900, German-speakers living abroad were tied into global power-political aspirations. They were represented as outposts of a "Greater German Empire" whose ethnic links had ...

Italy and Its Eastern Border, 1866-2016

Italy and Its Eastern Border, 1866-2016

1st Edition

Marina Cattaruzza
October 13, 2016

This is the first scholarly work in Modern European History which elucidates consistently how border issues affect the history of nations and states in the 19th and 20th centuries. The book rethinks the Italian history of the last 150 years from the perspective of its eastern periphery and of the ...

Britain and the Problem of International Disarmament 1919-1934

Britain and the Problem of International Disarmament: 1919-1934

1st Edition

Carolyn J. Kitching
May 17, 2016

In the aftermath of the Great War, multilateral disarmament was placed at the top of the international agenda by the Treaty of Versailles and the Covenant of the League of Nations. This book analyzes the naval, air and land disarmament policies of successive British governments from 1919 to 1934, ...

Weimar Cities The Challenge of Urban Modernity in Germany, 1919–1933

Weimar Cities: The Challenge of Urban Modernity in Germany, 1919–1933

1st Edition

John Bingham
December 22, 2014

Weimar Cities explores Germany's efforts to come to grips with its great cities after World War I; by extension the book measures the feasibility of the postwar experiment that was the Weimar Republic. The book focuses particularly on the weakness, both local and national, that ...

Ireland's Great Famine and Popular Politics

Ireland's Great Famine and Popular Politics

1st Edition

Enda Delaney, Breandán Mac Suibhne
December 01, 2015

Ireland’s Great Famine of 1845–52 was among the most devastating food crises in modern history. A country of some eight-and-a-half-million people lost one million to hunger and disease and another million to emigration. According to land activist Michael Davitt, the starving made little or no ...

British Foreign Policy 1874-1914 The Role of India

British Foreign Policy 1874-1914: The Role of India

1st Edition

Sneh Mahajan
November 26, 2015

A challenging analysis of British Foreign Policy is provided at a time when Britain possessed the biggest Empire that humankind has ever known. In this Empire India had a unique position, comprising 97 per cent of Britain's Asiatic Empire. All British statesmen deemed it essential to maintain their...

Alan S. Milward and Contemporary European History Collected Academic Reviews

Alan S. Milward and Contemporary European History: Collected Academic Reviews

1st Edition

Fernando Guirao, Frances M.B. Lynch
October 26, 2015

Alan S. Milward was a renowned historian of contemporary Europe. In addition to his books, as well as articles and chapters in edited books, he also wrote nearly 250 book reviews and review articles, some in French and German, which were published in journals world-wide. Taken together they reveal ...

Totalitarian Dictatorship New Histories

Totalitarian Dictatorship: New Histories

1st Edition

Daniela Baratieri, Mark Edele, Giuseppe Finaldi
October 16, 2015

This book locates totalitarianism in the vastly complex web of fragmented pasts, diverse presents, and differently envisaged futures to enhance understanding of the fraught era in European history. It explores empirical ways to the resurgence of the concept of totalitarian dictatorship....

Fascism and Ideology Italy, Britain, and Norway

Fascism and Ideology: Italy, Britain, and Norway

1st Edition

Salvatore Garau
April 01, 2015

This book develops a number of new conceptual tools to tackle some of the most hotly debated issues concerning the nature of fascism, using three profoundly different national contexts in the inter-war years as case studies: Italy, Britain and Norway. It explores how fascist ideology was the result...

From Slave Trade to Empire European Colonisation of Black Africa 1780s-1880s

From Slave Trade to Empire: European Colonisation of Black Africa 1780s-1880s

1st Edition

Olivier Pétré-Grenouilleau
March 04, 2015

Much has been written about the origins of the great push which led Europe to colonise sub-Saharan Africa at the end of the nineteenth century. This book provides a new perspective on this controversial subject by focussing on Europe and a range of empire-building states: Germany, France, Italy and...

Antifascism After Hitler East German Youth and Socialist Memory, 1949-1989

Antifascism After Hitler: East German Youth and Socialist Memory, 1949-1989

1st Edition

Catherine Plum
February 24, 2015

Antifascism After Hitler investigates the antifascist stories, memory sites and youth reception that were critical to the success of political education in East German schools and extracurricular activities. As the German Democratic Republic (GDR) promoted national identity and socialist ...

Turkey and the Rescue of European Jews

Turkey and the Rescue of European Jews

1st Edition

I. Izzet Bahar
December 19, 2014

This book exposes Turkish policies concerning European Jews during the Hitler era, focusing on three events: 1. The recruitment of German Jewish scholars by the Turkish government after Hitler came to power, 2. The fate of Jews of Turkish origin in German-controlled France during WWII, 3. The ...

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