Routledge Studies in Neurotheology, Cognitive Science and Religion

Series Editor:

Neurotheology and the relationship between cognitive neuroscience and religion form a new and developing field of scholarship that seeks to identify the link between the brain and religious and spiritual phenomena. This book series is looking for proposals featuring high quality research on topics related to this emerging discipline.

Projects in this series might include some of the following topics: psychological or health related issues impacted by religion and spirituality; practices such as meditation or prayer; studies of consciousness and altered states; drug induced experiences; and pathological conditions or near death phenomena. Research on rituals, liturgy, and other spiritual practices is also welcome, as are proposals that delve into philosophy, ontology, metaphysics, epistemology, and theology. Importantly though, any book in this series must consider both the function of the brain and one or more religious and spiritual worldview together. By engaging with the fresh insights and various controversies that exist within these topics this series better clarifies the many exciting issues relating cognitive neuroscience, religion and spirituality, and neurotheology.