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Routledge Studies in Organization and Systems

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There is a material gap in researching organization and systems together. Research from individual discipline base of organisation or systems is firmly established with many successful series in IS by researcher in business schools for example or organisation by researchers in social science schools. Each deals with the other’s filed tangentially. This series on organisation and systems disseminates interdisciplinary research, with a clear focus on design. Books within the series draw out pragmatic principles and frameworks from research for the practical work of IS and organization design.

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Information Services Design A Design Science Approach for Sustainable Knowledge

Information Services Design: A Design Science Approach for Sustainable Knowledge

1st Edition

By Fons Wijnhoven
December 21, 2011

Information services are economic and organizational activities for informing people. Because informing is changing rapidly under the influence of internet-technologies, this book presents in Chapter 1 fundamental notions of information and knowledge, based on philosopher C.W. Churchman’s inquiring...

Information Systems Critical Perspectives

Information Systems: Critical Perspectives

1st Edition

By Bernd Carsten Stahl
February 08, 2011

Whilst Information Systems has the potential to widen our view of the world, it often has the opposite effect by limiting our ability to interact, facilitating managerial and state surveillance or instituting strict hierarchies and personal control. In this book, Bernd Stahl offers an alternative ...

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