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Routledge Studies in Penal Abolition and Transformative Justice

About the Series

The Routledge Studies in Penal Abolition and Transformative Justice book series provides the leading publishing location for literature that both reflects key abolitionist thought and helps to set the agenda for local and global abolitionist ideas and interventions. It fosters research that works toward the systemic and systematic dismantling of penal structures and processes, and toward social living that is grounded in relationships that consider the needs of all. This international book series seeks contributions from all around the world (east, north, south, and west) that both engages and furthers abolitionist and transformative practice, study, politics and theory. It welcomes work that examines abolition and transformative justice empirically, theoretically, historically, culturally, spatially, or rhetorically, as well as books that are situated within or at the interstices of critiques of ableism, capitalism, hetero-normativity, militarism, patriarchy, state power, racism, settler colonialism, and xenophobia.

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Rethinking Indigenous Justice Toward a Ludic Ubuntu Ethics?

Rethinking Indigenous Justice: Toward a Ludic Ubuntu Ethics?

1st Edition


By Mechthild Nagel
November 30, 2022

Rethinking Indigenous Justice: Ludic Ubuntu Ethics? develops a positive peace vision, taking a bold look at African and Indigenous justice practices and proposes new relational justice models. ‘Ubuntu’ signifies shared humanity, presenting us a sociocentric perspective of life that is immensely ...

Contesting Carceral Logic Towards Abolitionist Futures

Contesting Carceral Logic: Towards Abolitionist Futures

1st Edition

Edited By Michael J Coyle, Mechthild Nagel
August 13, 2021

Contesting Carceral Logic provides an innovative and cutting-edge analysis of how carceral logic is embedded within contemporary society, emphasizing international perspectives, the harms and critiques of using carceral logic to respond to human wrongdoing, and exploring penal abolition thought. ...

Building Abolition Decarceration and Social Justice

Building Abolition: Decarceration and Social Justice

1st Edition

Edited By Kelly Struthers Montford, Chloë Taylor
July 30, 2021

Building Abolition: Decarceration and Social Justice explores the intersections of the carceral in projects of oppression, while at the same time providing intellectual, pragmatic, and undetermined paths toward abolition. Prison abolition is at once about the institution of the prison, and a broad...

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