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Routledge Studies in Physical Geography and Environment

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This series provides a platform for books which break new ground in the understanding of the physical environment. Individual titles will focus on developments within the main sub-disciplines of physical geography and explore the physical characteristics of regions and countries. Titles will also explore the human/environment interface.

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Water, Sovereignty and Borders in Asia and Oceania

Water, Sovereignty and Borders in Asia and Oceania

1st Edition

Edited By Devleena Ghosh, Heather Goodall, Stephanie Hemelryk Donald
July 12, 2016

This book restores water, both fresh and salt, to its central position in human endeavour, ecology and environment. Water access and the environmental and social problems of development are major issues of concern in this century. Drawing on water's many formations in debating human relationship ...

Aviation and Climate Change Lessons for European Policy

Aviation and Climate Change: Lessons for European Policy

1st Edition

By Alice Bows, Kevin Anderson, Paul Upham
May 16, 2014

It is generally accepted – the US administration excepted - that the emissions reduction targets agreed in the Kyoto Protocol are only the beginning of what needs to be achieved in international climate negotiations. While studies suggest that major emission reductions by industrialized countries ...

History and Climate Change A Eurocentric Perspective

History and Climate Change: A Eurocentric Perspective

1st Edition

By Neville Brown
April 22, 2014

History and Climate Change is a balanced and comprehensive overview of the links between climate and man's advance from early to modern times. It draws upon demographic, economic, urban, religious and military perspectives. It is a synthesis of the many historical and scientific theories, which ...

The Natural History of Earth Debating Long-Term Change in the Geosphere and Biosphere

The Natural History of Earth: Debating Long-Term Change in the Geosphere and Biosphere

1st Edition

By Richard John Huggett
April 09, 2014

Using a broad selection of classic and current sources, The Natural History of the Earth probes selected discussions within biology, climatology, geology, and geomorphology and explores a selection of debates about Earth and life history, considering their origins and their present state-of-play. ...

Cities and Climate Change

Cities and Climate Change

1st Edition

By Michelle Betsill, Harriet Bulkeley
June 13, 2005

Climate change is one of the most challenging issues of our time. As key sites in the production and management of emissions of greenhouse gases, cities will be crucial for the implementation of international agreements and national policies on climate change. This book provides a critical analysis...

Himalayan Perceptions Environmental Change and the Well-Being of Mountain Peoples

Himalayan Perceptions: Environmental Change and the Well-Being of Mountain Peoples

1st Edition

By Jack Ives
August 05, 2004

In the 1970s and 1980s many institutions, agencies and scholars believed that the Himalayan region was facing severe environmental disaster, due primarily to rapid growth in population that has caused extensive deforestation, which in turn has led to massive landsliding and soil erosion. This ...

Environmental Issues in the Mediterranean Processes and Perspectives from the Past and Present

Environmental Issues in the Mediterranean: Processes and Perspectives from the Past and Present

1st Edition

By John B. Thornes, John Wainwright
March 01, 2004

The Mediterranean has been subject to changing human settlement and land use patterns for millennia, and has a history of human exploitation in an inherently unstable landscape. Environmental Issues in the Mediterranean reviews both physical and social aspects of this region, in relation to its ...

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