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Routledge Studies in Policing and Society

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This series offers an inter-disciplinary, international intellectual space of original contributions to either classic or emerging debates about the nature and effects of policing in society, and includes books that advance our theoretical, methodological and/or empirical knowledge of policing in various societies across the world.

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Electric-Shock Weapons, Tasers and Policing Myths and Realities

Electric-Shock Weapons, Tasers and Policing: Myths and Realities

1st Edition

By Abi Dymond
September 25, 2023

Building on five years of research, and drawing on criminology, science and technology studies (STS), socio-legal studies and social psychology, this book is the first non-medical book written on electric-shock weapons, of which the best well known is the TASER brand. The police’s ability to use ...

Women Police in Contemporary China Gender and Policing

Women Police in Contemporary China: Gender and Policing

1st Edition

By Anqi Shen
September 25, 2023

This is the first book to look at women in policing in the mainland of the People’s Republic of China. Informed by empirical data as well as rich secondary information drawn from a wide range of published materials, and written by a former police officer in China, this book offers a detailed ...

Drug Law Enforcement, Policing and Harm Reduction Ending the Stalemate

Drug Law Enforcement, Policing and Harm Reduction: Ending the Stalemate

1st Edition

Edited By Matthew Bacon, Jack Spicer
December 30, 2022

The policing of drugs is an intriguing, complex, and contentious domain that brings into sharp focus the multifaceted nature of the police role and has farreaching consequences for health, crime, and justice. While research on drugs policing has historically been surprisingly sparse, fragmented, ...

Policing in a Changing Vietnam Towards a Global Account of Policing

Policing in a Changing Vietnam: Towards a Global Account of Policing

1st Edition

By Melissa Jardine
December 30, 2022

Knowledge about policing has been produced and disseminated unevenly so that our understanding comes from a skewed emphasis on the Anglo-American experience. Drawing on an original and comprehensive study of policing in Vietnam and engaging a Southern Criminological framework, this book explores ...

Police, Organization, and Wellbeing An Ethnography

Police, Organization, and Wellbeing: An Ethnography

1st Edition

By Jamie Ferrill
October 14, 2022

Based on the study of a police organization in England, this book explores the role of social relations in the ways that people construct, mobilize, consume, and reconstruct meaning about wellbeing. Wellbeing is a powerful, institutionalized concept in police organizations across England and Wales....

Criminal Futures Predictive Policing and Everyday Police Work

Criminal Futures: Predictive Policing and Everyday Police Work

1st Edition

By Simon Egbert, Matthias Leese
June 30, 2022

This book explores how predictive policing transforms police work. Police departments around the world have started to use data-driven applications to produce crime forecasts and intervene into the future through targeted prevention measures. Based on three years of field research in Germany and ...

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