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Routledge Studies in Rural Criminology

About the Series

The Routledge Series in Rural Criminology is the first series dedicated to significant criminological and criminal justice issues affecting rural peoples and rural communities. It brings together rural criminology scholars across the world in order to actively apply, critique, and revise criminological theory. More than that, the books in this series show how the implications of their research are key for crime prevention, policing, and criminal justice policy in rural areas.

This series will highlight the best and most innovative research in rural criminology. In doing so it promises to be foundational in the development of this evolving field.

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Research Methods for Rural Criminologists

Research Methods for Rural Criminologists

1st Edition


Edited By Ralph A. Weisheit, Jessica Peterson, Artur Pytlarz
May 27, 2024

Conducting rural criminological research exposes researchers to concerns such as absence or inadequate official data about crime and superficial rural-urban comparisons, rural isolation and distance from the researchers’ office to the study site, and lack of services or access to justice. This ...

Rural Victims of Crime Representations, Realities and Responses

Rural Victims of Crime: Representations, Realities and Responses

1st Edition

Edited By Rachel Hale, Alistair Harkness
December 30, 2022

Rural Victims of Crime offers a pioneering sustained assessment of ‘the rural victim’. It does so by examining and analysing the conceptual constructs of a victim and challenging the urban bias of victimisation and victimology in criminological study. Indeed, far too much criminological scholarship...

Woman Abuse in Rural Places

Woman Abuse in Rural Places

1st Edition

By Walter S. DeKeseredy
May 30, 2022

This book chronicles key contemporary developments in the social scientific study of various types of male-to-female abuse in rural places and suggests new directions in research, theory, and policy. The main objective of this book is not to simply provide a dry recitation of the extant literature ...

Rural Crime Prevention Theory, Tactics and Techniques

Rural Crime Prevention: Theory, Tactics and Techniques

1st Edition

Edited By Alistair Harkness
February 01, 2022

Rural crime has long been overlooked in the field of crime prevention. Sustained academic interrogation is necessary, therefore, to reduce the extensive economic and social costs of rural crime as well as to challenge some of the myths regarding the prevention of rural crime. Rural Crime ...

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