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Routledge Studies in Social Welfare in Asia

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This series focuses on social welfare problems and solutions, practices and theories in all of Asia, relying on a strong and wide network of academic organizations and experts in social work and social policy. Including books on health care, old-age security, family and child welfare, gender and social welfare, social policy in general, social work in general, as well as more specialized topics like international disaster relief and long-term care services.

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Social Work in the Middle East

Social Work in the Middle East

1st Edition

Edited By Hussein Hassan Soliman
October 12, 2017

Countries across the Middle East face a number of social problems such as poverty, unemployment, housing, internal immigration and caring for vulnerable groups such as children, women, the disabled and the elderly. Providing an overview of the wide range of social issues addressed by social work ...

Active Ageing in Asia

Active Ageing in Asia

1st Edition

Edited By Alan Walker, Christian Aspalter
May 24, 2017

East Asian societies are changing rapidly, and one of the most important facets of this transformation is population the ageing. of society. "Active ageing" is one of the few concepts available today to effectively address the problems arising from a highly-aged and, particularly in East Asia, ...

Development and Social Policy The Win-Win Strategies of Developmental Social Policy

Development and Social Policy: The Win-Win Strategies of Developmental Social Policy

1st Edition

Edited By Christian Aspalter, Kenny Teguh Pribadi
July 18, 2016

In recent years, government and policymakers around the world have shifted their attention away from money-oriented, supply-side economics to institutional economics and people-oriented social and economic development. Issues such as poverty reduction, win-win solutions and strategies in social ...

Health Care Systems in Europe and Asia

Health Care Systems in Europe and Asia

1st Edition

Edited By Christian Aspalter, Yasuo Uchida, Robin Gauld
February 27, 2015

This book addresses the global need for more comparative studies on health policy and health care systems, given the rise in recent decades of societal aging, modern mass diseases, economic globalization, and resulting permanent fiscal austerity of governments which have fundamentally altered the ...

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