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Routledge Studies in Statehood

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This series provides a forum for critical, innovative, and interdisciplinary work that examines statehood in contemporary world politics. The series publishes titles which examine the ontological, political, legal, ethical, economic, practical, and everyday aspects of statehood, from state creation, sovereignty, diplomatic recognition, governance, territory, foreign policy and external relations to security, borders, identity, and citizenship. Titles in the series seek to problematise existing perspectives on statehood and offer new theoretical and policy alternatives to re-envisage statehood in the twenty-first century.

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Ethnofederalism in Cyprus Territory, Power and Security

Ethnofederalism in Cyprus: Territory, Power and Security

1st Edition


By Pavlos I. Koktsidis
August 01, 2024

This book develops a holistic understanding of the intrinsic security concerns which lie at the heart of the protracted conflict in Cyprus. This work offers a well-grounded account of intractability in Cyprus by unfolding the rationale and prevalence of competitive approaches held by Greek and ...

Conflict Resolution in De Facto States The Practice of Engagement without Recognition

Conflict Resolution in De Facto States: The Practice of Engagement without Recognition

1st Edition

By Sebastian Relitz
May 27, 2024

This book explores the challenges of conflict resolution in protracted conflicts and conceptualises and analyses the practice of engagement without recognition in de facto states. Increasingly, engagement without recognition is seen as a promising approach to conflict resolution in de facto states...

Kurdistan’s De Facto Statehood A New Explanatory Framework

Kurdistan’s De Facto Statehood: A New Explanatory Framework

1st Edition

By Kamaran Palani
May 27, 2024

This book explains the dynamics and nature of Iraqi Kurdistan’s de facto statehood since its inception in 1991, in particular the vicissitudes de facto independence since then. The work examines de facto statehood in Kurdistan, and uncovers the dynamics of de facto statehood in Kurdistan at ...

The European Union and Everyday Statebuilding The Case of Kosovo

The European Union and Everyday Statebuilding: The Case of Kosovo

1st Edition

By Ramadan Ilazi
September 11, 2023

This book examines the European Union’s everyday statebuilding practices, using the case of Kosovo as an example of how it uses informal practices to influence local actors. The objective of the book is to explain how the EU operates as a statebuilding actor in the everyday context, outside its ...

Incomplete Secession after Unresolved Conflicts Political Order and Escalation in the Post-Soviet Space

Incomplete Secession after Unresolved Conflicts: Political Order and Escalation in the Post-Soviet Space

1st Edition

By Ana Maria Albulescu
May 31, 2023

This book analyses cases of incomplete secession after separatist wars and what this means for relations between central governments and de facto states. The work explores the interplay between violence and power by examining the micro-dynamics inherent in the process of escalation between ...

Variations on Sovereignty Contestations and Transformations from around the World

Variations on Sovereignty: Contestations and Transformations from around the World

1st Edition

Edited By Hannes Černy, Janis Grzybowski
May 24, 2023

This edited book explores diverse contestations and transformations of sovereignty around the world. Sovereignty plays a central role in modern political thought and practice, but it also remains fundamentally contested. Depending on the context and perspective, it seems either omnipresent or ...

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