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Routledge Studies in Sustainable Development

About the Series

This series uniquely brings together original and cutting-edge research on Sustainable Development. The books in this series tackle difficult and important issues in Sustainable Development including values and ethics; sustainability in higher education; climate compatible development; resilience; capitalism and de-growth; sustainable urban development; gender and participation; and well-being.

Drawing on a wide range of disciplines, the series promotes interdisciplinary research for an international readership. The series was recommended in the Guardian’s suggested reads for Development and Environment.

The series welcomes submissions from established authors in the field as well as from young authors. To submit proposals, please contact the Editor, Rebecca Brennan ([email protected]).

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Buen Vivir as an Alternative to Sustainable Development Lessons from Ecuador

Buen Vivir as an Alternative to Sustainable Development: Lessons from Ecuador

1st Edition


Natasha Chassagne
November 23, 2020

Until recently, the concept of Buen Vivir has only been loosely articulated by practising communities and in progressive policy in countries like Ecuador. What it actually means has been unclear, and in the case of policy, contradictory. As such there has been a lack of understanding about exactly ...

A New World-System From Chaos to Sustainability

A New World-System: From Chaos to Sustainability

1st Edition


Donald G. Reid
November 10, 2020

A New World-System: From Chaos to Sustainability examines the present crisis in the social and ecological environment that is producing profound, potentially catastrophic challenges to the planet and humanity, and outlines a process for moving forward to address these critical issues. This book is...

Metagovernance for Sustainability A Framework for Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals

Metagovernance for Sustainability: A Framework for Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals

1st Edition

Louis Meuleman
March 04, 2020

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which were adopted by the United Nations in September 2015 are universally applicable in all 193 UN Member States and connect the big challenges of our time, such as hunger and poverty, climate change, health in an urbanised environment, sustainable ...

Poverty and Climate Change Restoring a Global Biogeochemical Equilibrium

Poverty and Climate Change: Restoring a Global Biogeochemical Equilibrium

1st Edition

Fitzroy B. Beckford
March 04, 2020

Most, if not all of the global biogeochemical cycles on the earth have been broken or are at dangerous tipping points. These broken cycles have expressed themselves in various forms as soil degradation and depletion, ocean acidification, global warming and climate change. The best proposal for an ...

The Age of Sustainability Just Transitions in a Complex World

The Age of Sustainability: Just Transitions in a Complex World

1st Edition

Mark Swilling
November 21, 2019

With transitions to more sustainable ways of living already underway, this book examines how we understand the underlying dynamics of the transitions that are unfolding. Without this understanding, we enter the future in a state of informed bewilderment. Every day we are bombarded by reports ...

Land Rights, Biodiversity Conservation and Justice Rethinking Parks and People

Land Rights, Biodiversity Conservation and Justice: Rethinking Parks and People

1st Edition

Sharlene Mollett, Thembela Kepe
October 17, 2019

In the context of sustainable development, recent land debates tend to construct two porous camps. On the one side, norms of land justice and their advocates dictate that people’s rights to tenure security are tantamount and even sometimes key to successful conservation practice. On the other hand,...

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals Global Governance Challenges

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals: Global Governance Challenges

1st Edition

Simon Dalby, Susan Horton, Rianne Mahon, Diana Thomaz
April 30, 2019

This book draws on the expertise of faculty and colleagues at the Balsillie School of International Affairs to both locate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a contribution to the development of global government and to examine the political-institutional and financial challenges posed by ...

Measuring Welfare beyond Economics The genuine progress of Hong Kong and Singapore

Measuring Welfare beyond Economics: The genuine progress of Hong Kong and Singapore

1st Edition

Claudio O. Delang, Yi Hang Yu
April 16, 2019

Dissatisfaction with the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as an indicator of a country’s development or a population’s wellbeing led to the development of the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI). The GPI is an aggregate index of over 20 economic, social and environmental indicators, and accounts for both ...

Sustainable Development Policy A European Perspective

Sustainable Development Policy: A European Perspective

1st Edition

Michael von Hauff, Claudia Kuhnke
January 17, 2019

Sustainable Development Policy: A European Perspective uses a variety of multidisciplinary perspectives to explore the ways in which sustainable infrastructures can play a more prominent and effective role in international development policy. Building on a solid introduction to sustainability and ...

Sustainability and Wellbeing Human-Scale Development in Practice

Sustainability and Wellbeing: Human-Scale Development in Practice

1st Edition

Mònica Guillen-Royo
October 20, 2015

The idea that we can meet human needs and simultaneously conserve and even enhance the natural environment is an attractive one. Since the Brundtland report popularised a definition of sustainable development based on the concept of needs, there has been a widespread belief that it should be ...

Sustainable Pathways for our Cities and Regions Planning within Planetary Boundaries

Sustainable Pathways for our Cities and Regions: Planning within Planetary Boundaries

1st Edition

Barbara Norman
January 15, 2018

In an urbanizing world, the majority of people live in urban settlements predominantly on the coastal edge. Focus has historically been on people, place and the challenges and opportunities of living with global change, and academic attention has largely been on sustainability science or ...

Engineering Education for Sustainable Development A Capabilities Approach

Engineering Education for Sustainable Development: A Capabilities Approach

1st Edition

Mikateko Mathebula
December 11, 2017

This book demonstrates how the theoretical concepts of the capabilities approach can be applied in the context of engineering education, and how this could be used to add nuance to our understanding of the contribution higher education can make to human flourishing. In demonstrating the usefulness ...

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