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Routledge Studies in US Foreign Policy

About the Series

This new series sets out to publish high quality works by leading and emerging scholars critically engaging with United States Foreign Policy. The series welcomes a variety of approaches to the subject and draws on scholarship from international relations, security studies, international political economy, foreign policy analysis and contemporary international history.

Subjects covered include the role of administrations and institutions, the media, think tanks, ideologues and intellectuals, elites, transnational corporations, public opinion, and pressure groups in shaping foreign policy, US relations with individual nations, with global regions and global institutions and America’s evolving strategic and military policies.

The series aims to provide a range of books – from individual research monographs and edited collections to textbooks and supplemental reading for scholars, researchers, policy analysts, and students.

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Foundations, US Foreign Policy and Anti-Racism in Brazil Pushing Racial Democracy

Foundations, US Foreign Policy and Anti-Racism in Brazil: Pushing Racial Democracy

1st Edition

By Elizabeth Cancelli, Gustavo Mesquita, Wanderson Chaves
February 10, 2023

This book connects the work of US private foundations, the US government, and Brazilian intellectuals to explore how they worked collaboratively to address racial disparities in Brazil during the Cold War. It reveals not only how anti-racism was promoted during this period, shaping the political ...

US Policy Towards Afghanistan, 1979-2014 'A Force for Good'

US Policy Towards Afghanistan, 1979-2014: 'A Force for Good'

1st Edition

By Anthony Teitler
May 06, 2022

Providing a study of US policy towards Afghanistan from the Soviet intervention of 1979 to the exit of US/International Security Assistance Forces combat troops at the end of 2014, this book examines how the United States’ construction of its interests has shaped its long-term involvement with that...

The United States, India and the Global Nuclear Order Narrative Identity and Representation

The United States, India and the Global Nuclear Order: Narrative Identity and Representation

1st Edition

By Tanvi Pate
April 28, 2020

In the Post-Cold War era, US nuclear foreign policies towards India witnessed a major turnaround as a demand for ‘cap, reduce, eliminate’ under the Clinton administration was replaced by the implementation of the historic ‘civil nuclear deal’ in 2008 by Bush, a policy which continued under Obama’s ...

US Foreign Policy in The Horn of Africa From Colonialism to Terrorism

US Foreign Policy in The Horn of Africa: From Colonialism to Terrorism

1st Edition

By Donna Jackson
December 09, 2019

Examining American foreign policy towards the Horn of Africa between 1945 and 1991, this book uses Ethiopia and Somalia as case studies to offer an evaluation of the decision-making process during the Cold War, and consider the impact that these decisions had upon subsequent developments both ...

US Foreign Policy in the Middle East From American Missionaries to the Islamic State

US Foreign Policy in the Middle East: From American Missionaries to the Islamic State

1st Edition

Edited By Geoffrey F. Gresh, Tugrul Keskin
November 28, 2019

The dawn of the Cold War marked a new stage of complex U.S. foreign policy involvement in the Middle East. More recently, globalization and the region’s ongoing conflicts and political violence have led to the U.S. being more politically, economically, and militarily enmeshed – for better or ...

Economic Statecraft and US Foreign Policy Reducing the Demand for Violence

Economic Statecraft and US Foreign Policy: Reducing the Demand for Violence

1st Edition

By Leif Rosenberger
November 14, 2019

Explaining the connection between economics and violent extremism, this book argues that American foreign policy must be rebalanced with a greater emphasis on social inclusion and shared prosperity in order to mitigate the root causes of conflict. Rosenberger argues that economic coercion has ...

North Korea - US Relations From Kim Jong Il to Kim Jong Un

North Korea - US Relations: From Kim Jong Il to Kim Jong Un

2nd Edition

By Ramon Pacheco Pardo
September 11, 2019

How has North Korea sought to normalize diplomatic relations with the US? Explaining the continuities between the Kim Jong-un and Kim Jong-il governments, as well as the discontinuities, especially the decisive move towards brinkmanship under Kim Jong-un culminating in 2017 and subsequent turn ...

US Democracy Promotion after the Cold War Stability, Basic Premises, and Policy toward Egypt

US Democracy Promotion after the Cold War: Stability, Basic Premises, and Policy toward Egypt

1st Edition

By Annika Elena Poppe
August 05, 2019

This book explores the often assumed but so far not examined proposition that a particular U.S. culture influences U.S. foreign policy behavior or, more concretely, that widely shared basic assumptions embraced by members of the U.S. administration have a notable impact on foreign policy-making. ...

The Obama Doctrine A Legacy of Continuity in US Foreign Policy?

The Obama Doctrine: A Legacy of Continuity in US Foreign Policy?

1st Edition

Edited By Michelle Bentley, Jack Holland
July 29, 2019

President Obama’s first term in office was subject to intense criticism; not only did many feel that he had failed to live up to his leadership potential, but that he had actually continued the foreign policy framework of the George W. Bush era he was supposed to have abandoned. This edited volume ...

US Power in Latin America Renewing Hegemony

US Power in Latin America: Renewing Hegemony

1st Edition

By Rubrick Biegon
July 29, 2019

An original account of contemporary US-Latin American relations, this book utilises neo-Gramscian and historical materialist approaches to build a novel conceptual framework for analysing US hegemony, extending critical theory in new and exciting directions. It disaggregates US power into distinct ...

Kissinger, Angola and US-African Foreign Policy The Unintentional Realist

Kissinger, Angola and US-African Foreign Policy: The Unintentional Realist

1st Edition

By Steven O'Sullivan
July 25, 2019

Analysing US foreign policy towards Angola during the Ford administration, this book provides an intriguing insight into one of the most avoidable and unfortunate episodes in Cold War history and explores the impact on Henry Kissinger’s much vaunted reputation for being guided by realist principles...

Anti-Americanism and American Exceptionalism Prejudice and Pride about the USA

Anti-Americanism and American Exceptionalism: Prejudice and Pride about the USA

1st Edition

By Brendon O'Connor
June 25, 2019

This book argues against the tendency to see America as the worst or best nation and instead presents a case for seeing anti-Americanism as a counterproductive prejudice. There are many reasons to criticise American policies, politics and even society, but a crucial distinction must be drawn ...

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