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Routledge Studies in Urban Sociology

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This series presents the latest research in urban sociology, welcoming both theoretical and empirical studies that focus on issues including urban conflict, politics and protest, social exclusion and social inclusion, urban regeneration and social class, and the ways in which these affect the social, economic, political, and cultural landscape of urban areas.

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The Making of Place and People in the Danish Metropolis A Sociohistory of Copenhagen North West

The Making of Place and People in the Danish Metropolis: A Sociohistory of Copenhagen North West

1st Edition


By Christian Sandbjerg Hansen
April 06, 2021

This book investigates the sociohistorical making of place and people in Copenhagen from around 1900 to the present day. Drawing inspiration from Pierre Bourdieu’s sociology of social space and symbolic power, and from Loïc Wacquant’s hypothesis of advanced marginality and territorial ...

Urban Regeneration and Neoliberalism The New Liverpool Home

Urban Regeneration and Neoliberalism: The New Liverpool Home

1st Edition

By Clare Kinsella
October 30, 2020

This book explores the concept of ‘home’ in Liverpool over phases of ‘regeneration’ following the Second World War. Using qualitative research in the oral history tradition, it explores what the author conceptualises as ‘forward-facing’ regeneration in the period up to the 1980s, and neoliberal ...

Deindustrialization and Casinos A Winning Hand?

Deindustrialization and Casinos: A Winning Hand?

1st Edition

By Alissa Mazar
October 16, 2020

As governments increasingly legalize and expand the availability of casinos, hoping to offset the impacts of manufacturing decline through the advancement of gambling commerce, this book examines what casinos do—and do not do—for host communities in terms of economic growth. Examining the case ...

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