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Routledge Studies in the Management of Voluntary and Non-Profit Organizations

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Voluntary and non-profit organizations are playing an increasingly significant role, worldwide, in the provision and management of public services. Drawing together significant and ground breaking research, this series will be essential reading for students of public policy and management as well as the thinking manager. Topics covered include the management of innovation and change, financial management, performance evaluation and management and organizational development and project management.

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Organizing Logics, Nonprofit Management and Change Rethinking Power, Persuasion and Authority

Organizing Logics, Nonprofit Management and Change: Rethinking Power, Persuasion and Authority

1st Edition


By Tracey M. Coule, Carole Bain
February 25, 2021

Nonprofit organizations are conventionally positioned as generators of social and cultural forms of capital for the common good. As such they occupy a different space to other types of organization such as the corporate firm that exist primarily to generate economic capital for private owners/...

Remittances and International Development The Invisible Forces Shaping Community

Remittances and International Development: The Invisible Forces Shaping Community

1st Edition

By Sabith Khan, Daisha M. Merritt
July 31, 2020

This is a first of its kind book which examines the remittances in the two largest corridors in the World: India-Saudi Arabia and Mexico-U.S.A. This book aims to treat remittances as an act of social norm involving individuals, nation-states, and diaspora communities. It treats ...

Financing Nonprofit Organizations

Financing Nonprofit Organizations

1st Edition

Edited By Inigo Garcia-Rodriguez, M. Elena Romero-Merino
January 31, 2020

The financial issues of nonprofit organizations (NPOs) have increased their importance in recent years, especially after the last global economic downturn. In this way, NPOs have been threatened by a reduction of income, while their work and expenses have not decreased. In this book, the editors ...

Managing Nongovernmental Organizations Culture, Power and Resistance

Managing Nongovernmental Organizations: Culture, Power and Resistance

1st Edition

By Frederik Claeyé
August 10, 2018

The idea that international development aid needs to be better managed and coordinated gained currency in the early 1990s. The increasing emphasis on management has resulted in the present vogue of ‘managing for development results’ as one of the central tenets in the discourse on international aid...

Performance Management in Nonprofit Organizations Global Perspectives

Performance Management in Nonprofit Organizations: Global Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Zahirul Hoque, Lee Parker
August 06, 2018

With increased competition for external funding, technological advancement, and public expectations for transparency, not-for-profit and non-governmental organizations are facing new challenges and pressures. While research has explored the roles of accounting, accountability, and performance ...

Management Innovations for Healthcare Organizations Adopt, Abandon or Adapt?

Management Innovations for Healthcare Organizations: Adopt, Abandon or Adapt?

1st Edition

Edited By Anders Örtenblad, Carina Abrahamson Löfström, Rod Sheaff
June 08, 2018

Innovations in management are becoming more numerous and diverse, and are appearing in organizations providing many different kinds of products and services. The purpose of this book is to examine whether some widely-promoted examples of these management innovations – ranging from techniques such ...

Transformational Leadership and Not for Profits and Social Enterprises

Transformational Leadership and Not for Profits and Social Enterprises

1st Edition

Edited By Ken Wiltshire, Aastha Malhotra, Micheal Axelsen
April 06, 2018

Recent decades have seen a significant transformation of the not-for-profit (NFP) sector. This includes rise in the number of organisations and people employed, shift from charities and philanthropic agencies to hybrid social enterprise business models, competing stakeholder interests and ...

Philanthropy in Practice Pragmatism and the Impact of Philanthropic Action

Philanthropy in Practice: Pragmatism and the Impact of Philanthropic Action

1st Edition

By Ekkehard Thümler
July 26, 2017

Philanthropic foundations are experiencing a crisis of professional identity. They attract considerable hopes due to an unusually high degree of independence and freedom of manoeuvre, which theoretically places them in a privileged position to find novel solutions to societies’ most severe and ...

Regulating Charities The Inside Story

Regulating Charities: The Inside Story

1st Edition

Edited By Myles McGregor-Lowndes, Bob Wyatt
April 17, 2017

In this volume charity commissioners and leading charity policy reformers from across the world reflect on the aims and objectives of charity regulation and what it has achieved. Regulating Charities represents an insider’s review of the last quarter century of charity law policy and an insight for...

Employment Relations in the Voluntary Sector Struggling to Care

Employment Relations in the Voluntary Sector: Struggling to Care

1st Edition

By Ian Cunningham
May 17, 2016

This new book addresses the topical issues surrounding employment relations in UK voluntary organizations that operate within the quasi-market of social care. Combining an analysis of the established literature with in-depth qualitative field work, Ian Cunningham explores the nature of power ...

A Democratic Architecture for the Welfare State

A Democratic Architecture for the Welfare State

1st Edition

By Victor A. Pestoff
January 21, 2016

The welfare state faces various challenges in Scandinavia and many European countries today, including a poor work environment in the public sector, a growing democracy deficit, and demographic obstacles. In this new book, Victor A. Pestoff argues that the state cannot resolve these challenges ...

Human Resource Management in Nonprofit Organizations

Human Resource Management in Nonprofit Organizations

1st Edition

By Alina McCandless Baluch
September 03, 2015

Human resource management (HRM) can aid nonprofit organizations (NPOs) in facing uncertain, changing environments of funding pressures, increasing competition and demand for services as well as internal challenges. As the distinguishing features of NPOs can render the professionalization of HRM ...

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