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Routledge Studies in the Management of Voluntary and Non-Profit Organizations

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Voluntary and non-profit organizations are playing an increasingly significant role, worldwide, in the provision and management of public services. Drawing together significant and ground breaking research, this series will be essential reading for students of public policy and management as well as the thinking manager. Topics covered include the management of innovation and change, financial management, performance evaluation and management and organizational development and project management.

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The Emergence of Social Enterprise

The Emergence of Social Enterprise

1st Edition

Edited By Carlo Borzaga, Jacques Defourny
March 25, 2004

What are the characteristics of social enterprises? What are the future prospects for social enterprises? What do social enterprises contribute? Analyzing social enterprises in fifteen different countries, The Emergence of Social Enterprise seeks to answer these important questions while ...

Strategic Management for Nonprofit Organizations

Strategic Management for Nonprofit Organizations

1st Edition

By Roger Courtney
January 24, 2002

The voluntary nonprofit sector is now involved in all aspects of people's lives. The management of such organizations has never been of more interest than it is now, and the sector as a whole is in a period of great change. Well-meaning amateurs are being replaced by highly committed and ...

Financial Management in the Voluntary Sector New Challenges

Financial Management in the Voluntary Sector: New Challenges

1st Edition

By Paul Palmer, Adrian Randall
September 27, 2001

The voluntary sector contains over 50,000 organizations, 320,000 paid staff, and 3 million volunteers. The accounting and financial management of organizations in this sector poses as many difficulties as that of major for-profit organizations, if not more so, given the absence of the profit motive...

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