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Routledge Studies in the Sociology of Religion

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A platform for the latest scholarly research in the sociology of religion, this series welcomes both theoretical and empirical studies that pay close attention to religion in social context. It publishes work that explores the ways in which religions adapt or react to social change and how spirituality lends meaning to people’s lives and shapes individual, collective and national identities.

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Media Perceptions of Religious Changes in Australia Of Dominance and Diversity

Media Perceptions of Religious Changes in Australia: Of Dominance and Diversity

1st Edition

By Enqi Weng
December 05, 2019

This volume explores the contradiction between the news coverage given to issues of religion, particularly since 2001 in relation to issues such as terrorism, politics, security and gender, and the fact of its apparent decline according to Census data. Based on media research in Australia, and ...

Sacred Marriages A Discourse Analysis

Sacred Marriages: A Discourse Analysis

1st Edition

By David Mullins
December 05, 2019

This book represents a new direction in the study of religion and marriage by using a postmodern theoretical framework focusing on gendered discourse and culture, to examine the meaning of sacred marriage within social contexts. Drawing upon data from in-depth interviews of couples in long-term, ...

A Visual Approach to the Study of Religious Orders Zooming in on Monasteries

A Visual Approach to the Study of Religious Orders: Zooming in on Monasteries

1st Edition

Edited By Marcin Jewdokimow, Thomas Quartier, OSB
May 08, 2019

A Visual Approach to the Study of Religious Orders applies visual methods to the exploration of various facets of religious life, such as everyday lived experience, contemporary monastic identity or monastic architecture. Presenting a series of visual essays, it treats images not as simple ...

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