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Routledge Studies on Challenges, Crises and Dissent in World Politics

About the Series

This new series focuses on major issues that have surfaced in recent years, and which will pose significant and complex challenges to inter/national politics in the next few decades. While we are open to any exciting ideas for edited, single or co-authored work, we are particularly interested in book proposals that explore dissent and crises in world politics and challenge our current understanding of global order. We are open to a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches including critical and postmodern studies and further relate to following themes:

  • The challenge to Western hegemony - The rise of China, India, Brazil and the revival of Russia have powerful impacts on the nature of what has long been regarded as a fixed point in IR – a common (Western, and mainly liberal) understanding of global order. The growing self-confidence of the BRICS and others as well as the emerging focus on everyday phenomena and subnational actors/groups in international politics, however, show that Western dominant views are increasingly questioned. Can a common foundation of values, ideas and interests emerge from these multifaceted challenges to Western power and values?
  • The challenge to inter/national and regional governability - The economic recession, environmental problems such as climate change, the decision of the American-led coalition to go to war in Iraq without Security Council approval, the threat of ISIS, the failure of the EU Constitution and later the Lisbon Treaty to secure popular approval and the inability of the UN to make much difference to many problems have all exposed serious deficiencies in the regional and global governance instruments that many once saw as the basis of a ‘new world order’. Is this merely a pause in an inevitable progress towards further global and regional integration or are we facing some more fundamental problems associated with the rise of multiple heterogonous and intertwined orders in global politics? How do these increasing frictions and crises impede the maintenance of national coherence in Western and non-Western states?
  • Ideologies, Religion, Nationalism and Extremism - A consequence of globalisation has been an attempt to reaffirm various local or particular identities in response to perceived challenges of globalisation, such as migration, economic restructuring, the spread of Western values and the decline of traditional morality. Illustrations of this phenomenon include the rise of Islamist politics as well as other forms of religious fundamentalism, the emergence of protest movements on the ground and growing digital communities, the rise of far right parties/groups in many countries and the question of internet and information security. How might these phenomena damage the prospects of a shared multilateral (or global?) framework of assumptions and common interests that most would see as essential to effective global governance?
  • Changing World and the lack of leadership – The world we are living in is characterized by a growing amount of uncertainties. Crises and contingency seem to emerge as the "new normal" of inter/national politics. It is thus increasingly hard for political leaders to translate power into outcomes. In this book series, we also invite contributions by former or current practitioners, policy advisors and scholars who are working in the field of academic/policy-divide to elaborate particularly their view on dissent and crises in current world affairs.

If you have an idea for a new book in Routledge Series on Dissent and Crises in World Politics, please send a written proposal to the Series Editors:

Karoline Postel-Vinay [email protected]

Nadine Godehardt [email protected]

For guidance on how to structure your proposal, please visit:

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Constructing Global Challenges in World Politics

Constructing Global Challenges in World Politics

1st Edition


Edited By Alina Isakova, Malte Neuwinger, Robin Schulze Waltrup, Oday Uraiqat
June 03, 2024

This interdisciplinary book investigates the problematization of global challenges in world politics by analyzing what they are and how they come to be. Offering a conceptual framework, including four modes of construction—universalizing, bundling, upscaling, and creating urgency—this book provides...

Ultimate Economic Conflict between China and Democratic Countries An Institutional Analysis

Ultimate Economic Conflict between China and Democratic Countries: An Institutional Analysis

1st Edition

By C.Y.C. Chu, P.C. Lee, C.C. Lin, C.F. Lo
January 29, 2024

This book investigates various dimensions of the economic conflicts between the US – and other democratic market-economy countries – and state-capitalist communist China in the past decade, examining how differences in institutions and ideology bring these about. Through the lens of ...

Revolution, Representation, and Authoritarianism Beyond Arab Exceptionalism in Egypt

Revolution, Representation, and Authoritarianism: Beyond Arab Exceptionalism in Egypt

1st Edition

By Sarah Wessel
May 31, 2023

This book examines Egypt’s turbulent and contradictory political period (2011-2015) as key to understanding contemporary politics in the country and the developments in the Arab region after the mass protests in 2010/11, more broadly. In doing so, it breaks new ground in the study of political ...

China’s Influence and the Center-periphery Tug of War in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Indo-Pacific

China’s Influence and the Center-periphery Tug of War in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Indo-Pacific

1st Edition

Edited By Brian C. H. Fong, Jieh-min Wu, Andrew J. Nathan
August 01, 2022

Bringing together a team of cutting-edge researchers based in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Indo-Pacific countries, this book focuses on the tug of war between China’s influence and forces of resistance in Hong Kong, Taiwan and selected countries in its surrounding jurisdictions. China’s influence has met...

China, the West, and Democratization The Struggle for the Local and the Global in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan

China, the West, and Democratization: The Struggle for the Local and the Global in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan

1st Edition

By Luba von Hauff
February 17, 2020

Drawing upon insights from international socialization theory and social psychology, this book examines China’s efforts to multipolarize – and hence potentially de-liberalize – the international system from the local perspective of a non-democratic (yet democratizing) nation and then...

The Politics of Resilience and Transatlantic Order Enduring Crisis?

The Politics of Resilience and Transatlantic Order: Enduring Crisis?

1st Edition

Edited By Gordon M. Friedrichs, Sebastian Harnisch, Cameron G. Thies
May 24, 2019

This edited volume bridges the "analytical divide" between studies of transatlantic relations, democratic peace theory, and foreign policy analysis, and improves our theoretical understanding of the logic of crises prevention and resolution. The recent rise of populism and polarization in both the ...

Policy Transfer and Norm Circulation Towards an Interdisciplinary and Comparative Approach

Policy Transfer and Norm Circulation: Towards an Interdisciplinary and Comparative Approach

1st Edition

Edited By Laure Delcour, Elsa Tulmets
April 16, 2019

Policy Transfer and Norm Circulation brings together various fields in the humanities and social sciences to propose a renewed analysis of policy transfer and norm circulation, by offering cross-regional case studies and providing both a comprehensive and innovative understanding of policy transfer...

India’s Foreign Policy Discourse and its Conceptions of World Order The Quest for Power and Identity

India’s Foreign Policy Discourse and its Conceptions of World Order: The Quest for Power and Identity

1st Edition

By Thorsten Wojczewski
June 18, 2018

Given India’s growing power and aspirations in world politics, there has been increasing interest among practitioners and scholars of international relations (IR) in how India views the world. This book offers the first systematic investigation of the world order models in India’s foreign policy ...

Violent Non-State Actors From Anarchists to Jihadists

Violent Non-State Actors: From Anarchists to Jihadists

1st Edition

By Ersel Aydinli
April 25, 2018

Given the importance of violent non-state actors (VNSA) and their evolving role in global politics, dynamic frameworks of analysis are needed both to trace historical trajectories in the evolution of violent non-state actorness and to identify emerging patterns by examining modern day cases. This...

Crisis and Institutional Change in Regional Integration

Crisis and Institutional Change in Regional Integration

1st Edition

Edited By Sabine Saurugger, Fabien Terpan
February 05, 2018

Comparative regional integration has met with increasing interest over the last twenty years with the emergence or reinforcing of new regional dynamics in the EU, NAFTA, MERCOSUR and ASEAN. This volume systematically and comparatively analyses the reasons for regional integration and stalemate in ...

Noncitizenism Recognising Noncitizen Capabilities in a World of Citizens

Noncitizenism: Recognising Noncitizen Capabilities in a World of Citizens

1st Edition

By Tendayi Bloom
November 03, 2017

Noncitizens have always been present in liberal political philosophy. Often hard to situate within traditional frameworks that prioritise citizenship, noncitizens can appear voiceless and rightsless, which has implications for efforts towards global justice and justice in migration. This book ...

Empires of Remorse Narrative, postcolonialism and apologies for colonial atrocity

Empires of Remorse: Narrative, postcolonialism and apologies for colonial atrocity

1st Edition

By Tom Bentley
October 23, 2017

Until deep into the 20th century, empire remained a source of pride for European states and their politicians. The 21st century, however, has seen the unexpected emergence of certain European states apologising to their former colonies. Analysing apologies from Germany, Belgium, Britain and Italy,...

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