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Routledge Studies on China in Transition

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The spectacular economic development of China has raised many questions about its future. China in Transition participates in the intellectual developments by focusing on social, political and cultural change in the China of the 1990s and beyond. Drawing on new research from scholars in Asia, Australia, North America and Europe, this series is invaluable in monitoring reform and interpreting the consequences for China, its neighbours and the West.

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Transforming Rural China How Local Institutions Shape Property Rights in China

Transforming Rural China: How Local Institutions Shape Property Rights in China

1st Edition

By Chih-Jou Jay Chen
September 25, 2012

It is often assumed that privatization leads to profit, and that well-delineated property rights and a strong private sector will help boost an economy. This book investigates the property rights in Chinese enterprises in the reform era, finding that distinction between the public and the private ...

China's Rational Entrepreneurs The Development of the New Private Sector

China's Rational Entrepreneurs: The Development of the New Private Sector

1st Edition

By Barbara Krug
November 14, 2012

The ability of China's entrepreneurs to establish firms in the midst of a strangling bureaucratic system is a topic which demands attention not least because it forms the basis of China's economic development. Combining theoretical approaches with extensive fieldwork, China's Rational Entrepreneurs...

International Aid and China's Environment Taming the Yellow Dragon

International Aid and China's Environment: Taming the Yellow Dragon

1st Edition

By Katherine Morton
November 01, 2012

Rapid economic growth in the world's most populous nation is leading to widespread soil erosion, desertification, deforestation and the depletion of vital natural resources. The scale and severity of environmental problems in China now threaten the economic and social foundations of its ...

Beyond Beijing Liberalization and the Regions in China

Beyond Beijing: Liberalization and the Regions in China

1st Edition

By Dali L. Yang
August 20, 1997

This book offers a balanced assessment of the dynamics and consequences of the decentralization of power and resources in post- Mao China. The author argues that decentralization has increased tensions amongst ethnic groups and unleashed much competition and emulation among local governments. This ...

Industrial Change in China Economic Restructuring and Conflicting Interests

Industrial Change in China: Economic Restructuring and Conflicting Interests

1st Edition

By Kate Hannan
December 22, 1998

This book analyses the industrial reform measures taken by the Chinese government during the decade 1985-95 and identifies the economic and political tensions and contradictions that state enterprise reform has presented to a leadership intent on maintaining its authoritative political ...

China's Scientific Elite

China's Scientific Elite

1st Edition

By Cong Cao
September 10, 2012

China's Scientific Elite is a study of those scientists holding China's highest academic honour - membership of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Having carried out extensive systematic data collection of CAS members Cao examines the social stratification system of the Chinese science community and ...

China, Sex and Prostitution

China, Sex and Prostitution

1st Edition

By Elaine Jeffreys
September 10, 2012

China, Sex and Prostitution is a topical and important critique of recent scholarship in China studies concerning sexuality, prostitution and policing. Jeffrey's arguments are constructed in the form of detailed analysis of a wide range of primary texts, including documents, press reports, police ...

China's Embedded Activism Opportunities and constraints of a social movement

China's Embedded Activism: Opportunities and constraints of a social movement

1st Edition

Edited By Peter Ho, Richard Edmonds
March 15, 2011

In recent years China has been remarkable in achieving extraordinary economic transformation, yet without fundamental political change. To many observers this would seem to imply a weakness in Chinese civil society. However, though the idea of democracy as multitudes of citizens taking to the ...

China's Urban Space Development under market socialism

China's Urban Space: Development under market socialism

1st Edition

By Terry McGee, George C.S. Lin, Mark Wang, Andrew Marton, Jiaping Wu
March 21, 2012

China’s urban growth is unparalleled in the history of global urbanization, and will undoubtedly create huge challenges to China as it modernizes its society. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, this book presents an overview of the radical transformation of China’s urban space since the 1970s,...

The Chinese State in Transition Processes and contests in local China

The Chinese State in Transition: Processes and contests in local China

1st Edition

Edited By Linda Chelan Li
February 23, 2012

One of the more commonly and widely held beliefs outside the People’s Republic of China about the changes wrought by the reform era is that there has been no political change The attention of the outside world focuses inevitably on Beijing and national level politics. Nonetheless, it may actually ...

China's Governmentalities Governing Change, Changing Government

China's Governmentalities: Governing Change, Changing Government

1st Edition

Edited By Elaine Jeffreys
July 01, 2011

Since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) embarked on a programme of ‘reform and openness’ in the late 1970s, Chinese society has undergone a series of dramatic transformations in almost all realms of social, cultural, economic and political life and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has emerged ...

Ethnicity and Urban Life in China A Comparative Study of Hui Muslims and Han Chinese

Ethnicity and Urban Life in China: A Comparative Study of Hui Muslims and Han Chinese

1st Edition

By Xiaowei Zang
March 15, 2011

This much-needed work on ethnicity in Asia offers a major sociological analysis of Hui Muslims in contemporary China. Using both qualitative and quantitative data derived from fieldwork in Lanzhou between March 2001 and July 2004, it looks at the contrast between the urban life of the Han people, ...

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