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Routledge Studies on Islam and Muslims in Southeast Asia

About the Series

This series aims to publish original and cutting-edge contributions from scholars in religious studies, sociology, political science, history, anthropology, economics, psychology, geography and other related disciplines to provide new perspectives on the historical, comparative, and theoretical study of Islam and Muslims in Southeast Asia from the early modern period to the present. Works that are published in the series would fill the gaps in the existing literature, other than offering new conceptual and methodological approaches to studying Islam and Muslims in Southeast Asia. The series gives much emphasis on works that are both reflexive and empirical, written by both junior and senior scholars in the field.

Series editors:

Dr. Syed Muhd Khairudin Aljunied [email protected]

Dr Kamaludeen Mohamed Nasir [email protected]


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Malaysia’s State Formation Small Steps and Large Outcomes of a Contested Leviathan

Malaysia’s State Formation: Small Steps and Large Outcomes of a Contested Leviathan

1st Edition


By Abdillah Noh
December 29, 2023

Tracing Malaysia’s political economy since 1800, Abdillah Noh argues that it has been substantially path-dependant based on choices made by the British colonial administration. Focusing mainly on two major groupings in Malaysia’s political economy – the Malays and Chinese Malaysians – Noh ...

Race, Religion, and the ‘Indian Muslim’ Predicament in Singapore

Race, Religion, and the ‘Indian Muslim’ Predicament in Singapore

1st Edition

By Torsten Tschacher
November 16, 2017

Indian Muslims form the largest ethnic minority within Singapore’s otherwise largely Malay Muslim community. Despite its size and historic importance, however, Singaporean Indian Muslims have received little attention by scholarship and have also felt side-lined by Singapore’s Malay-dominated ...

Indonesia, Islam, and the International Political Economy Clash or Cooperation?

Indonesia, Islam, and the International Political Economy: Clash or Cooperation?

1st Edition

By Mark Williams
April 17, 2017

The Republic of Indonesia is a rising great power in the Asia-Pacific, set to become the eighth largest economy in the world in the coming decades. It is the most populous Muslim majority country in the world. The largest Islamic organizations and parties have supported Indonesia’s participation ...

Foundations of Islamic Governance A Southeast Asian Perspective

Foundations of Islamic Governance: A Southeast Asian Perspective

1st Edition

By Maszlee Malik
January 04, 2017

The aim of this book is to explore and analyze the Islamic axioms, foundation principles and values underpinning the field of governance in an attempt to construct the architectonics of a new systemic and dynamic theory and formulate the articulation of ‘Islamic governance’. This discursive and ...

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