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Routledge Studies on Law in Africa

About the Series

The books in this series explore complex, emerging, and topical legal theoretical and policy questions and debates on law in Africa. The series addresses the entire panoply of the legal universe in Africa including international law, human rights, constitutional law, transitional justice, IP law, gender and the law, media law, African legal history, religion and the law, and trade law, among others. 

The series recognizes the lacunae on published works on the law in Africa and seeks to fill that void with both African and Africanist scholars and thinkers. The goal is to bring to African and global audiences -- students, scholars, activists, and policy-makers -- a wide and deep canvas of knowledge of the most important legal questions and issues. Taking a broad view of the field and including a wide range of voices -- critical, traditional, interdisciplinary – the series will publish a mix of single-authored volumes and edited collections from scholars from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds.

You are encouraged to submit book proposals and/or manuscripts to:

Professor Makau Mutua

SUNY Distinguished Professor

SUNY Buffalo Law School

The State University of New York

626 O'Brian Hall

Buffalo, NY 14260


Email: [email protected]

And Helena Hurd, Editor for African Studies: [email protected]

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The Constitution and Governance in Cameroon

The Constitution and Governance in Cameroon

1st Edition

By Laura-Stella E. Enonchong
October 19, 2020

This book provides a systematic analysis of the major structural and institutional governance mechanisms in Cameroon, critically analysing the constitutional and legislative texts on Cameroon’s semi-presidential system, the electoral system, the legislature, the judiciary, the Constitutional ...

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