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Routledge Studies on the European Union and Global Order

About the Series

Some critical voices notwithstanding, the scholarly debate on the EU’s foreign policy role and its contribution to global values has rested on the assumption of the viability of a liberal world order with the EU at its vanguard. This Series revisits this assumption.

The series analyses the external policies - and the response from external actors - of the European Union (EU) at a time of enhanced uncertainty, risk and ambiguity. Drawing on a threefold conception of global political justice, it offers an innovative account of the EU’s global role and relevance at a time of profound contestation over global norms. It delivers in-depth analyses of a set of core issues of global governance in which the EU has played a major role, amongst them migration, climate change, security and conflict, and development . Through these analyses, the Series re-conceptualises the EU’s global role, and brings forth a new perspective on the crisis of the liberal world order; on what is at stake and for whom.

Series editor: Helene Sjursen, ARENA – Centre for European Studies, University of Oslo

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The EU and Global Climate Justice Normative Power Caught in Normative Battles

The EU and Global Climate Justice: Normative Power Caught in Normative Battles

1st Edition


By Franziskus von Lucke, Thomas Diez, Solveig Aamodt, Bettina Ahrens
March 18, 2021

This book examines the European Union’s contribution to the development of the global climate regime within the broader framework of global justice. It argues that the procedural dimension of justice has been largely overlooked so far in the assessment of EU climate policy and reveals the EU has ...

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