Routledge Studies on the European Union and Global Order

Series Editor:

Some critical voices notwithstanding, the scholarly debate on the EU’s foreign policy role and its contribution to global values has rested on the assumption of the viability of a liberal world order with the EU at its vanguard. This Series revisits this assumption.

The series analyses the external policies - and the response from external actors - of the European Union (EU) at a time of enhanced uncertainty, risk and ambiguity. Drawing on a threefold conception of global political justice, it offers an innovative account of the EU’s global role and relevance at a time of profound contestation over global norms. It delivers in-depth analyses of a set of core issues of global governance in which the EU has played a major role, amongst them migration, climate change, security and conflict, and development . Through these analyses, the Series re-conceptualises the EU’s global role, and brings forth a new perspective on the crisis of the liberal world order; on what is at stake and for whom.

Series editor: Helene Sjursen, ARENA – Centre for European Studies, University of Oslo