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Having trouble with your dissertation?
Struggling to focus on your revision?
Need advice on how to write the perfect essay?
Desperate for help in putting together an effective presentation?
It's a simple fact - everyone needs a bit of help with their studies. Whether you are studying for academic qualifications, undertaking a professional development course for your work or just require good, common sense advice on how to write an essay or to put together a coherent and effective report or project, Routledge Study Guides can help you with all the skills you need to be successful.
Covering the myriad of revision and studying techniques for the student and professional, our books will guide you through the problems and pitfalls most commonly experienced.
Whether you need help on: oral presentations, project work, essay writing, revision skills, research skills, technical writing, exam technique, information on specific qualifications such as an MBA or doctorate.
Routledge Study Guides will give you readable, easy-to-follow and thoroughly useful advice.

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Using Research Instruments A Guide for Researchers

Using Research Instruments: A Guide for Researchers

1st Edition

By Peter Birmingham, David Wilkinson
September 10, 2003

Clear, accessible and practical, this guide introduces the first-time researcher to the various instruments used in social research. It assesses a broad range of research instruments - from the well-established to the innovative - enabling readers to decide which are particularly well suited to ...

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