417 Pages 447 Color & 3 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    417 Pages 447 Color & 3 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    417 Pages 447 Color & 3 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This acclaimed core text in Dermatology now returns in a thoroughly revised and refocused format. Its clear structuring will enable all readers to find quickly what they need to know and to see how each part fits into the whole, offering a consistent guide for residents wanting a reliable revision aid for the core topics in Dermatology and for physicians in other disciplines interested in individual topics (particularly family physicians specializing in the diagnosis of skin cancer).


    List of Contributors

    1. Glossary of Dermatologic Words and Terms

    Lawrence Charles Parish

    2. Diagnosing Skin Disease

    Shayan Waseh and Jason B. Lee

    3. Adnexal Diseases

    Hasan Aksoy, Jordan V. Wang, and Ayşe Serap Karadag

    4. Papulosquamous Diseases

    Melek Aslan Kayıran, Jordan V. Wang, and Ayşe Serap Karadag

    5. Dermatitides

    Allison Perz, Tara Jennings, Robert Duffy, and Warren Heymann

    6. Bacterial, Mycobacterial, and Spirochetal (Nonvenereal) Infections

    Liam Mercieca and Joseph Pace

    7. Viral Infections

    Soo Jung Kim and Annie Dai

    8. Fungal Infections

    Uwe Wollina, Pietro Nenoff, Shyam Verma, and Uta-Christina Hipler

    9. Infestations and Bites

    Sam Allen

    10. Environmental Injuries

    Soo Jung Kim and Alexander V. Nguyen

    11. Allergic and Immunologic Reactions

    Saira N. Agarwala, Aspen R. Trautz, and Sylvia Hsu

    12. Connective Tissue Disorders

    Laura Atzori, Caterina Ferreli, and Franco Rongioletti

    13. Vasculitides

    Ivy M. Obonyo, Virginia A. Jones, Kayla A. Clark, and Maria M. Tsoukas

    14. Vesiculobullous Diseases

    Snejina Vassileva and Kossara Drenovska

    15. Disorders of Keratinization and Other Genodermatoses

    Roselyn Stanger and Nanette Silverberg

    16. Oral Diseases

    Marcia Ramos-e-Silva, José Wilson Accioly Filho, Sueli Carneiro, and Nurimar Conceição Fernandes

    17. Wound Healing, Ulcers, and Scars

    Saloni Shah, Christian Albornoz, and Sherry Yang

    18. Granulomatous Diseases

    Albert Alhatem, Robert A. Schwartz, Muriel W. Lambert, and W. Clark Lambert

    19. Benign Neoplasms

    Abdullah Demirbaş, Ömer Faruk Elmas, and Necmettin Akdeniz

    20. Premalignant Neoplasms

    Alex Sherban and Matthew Keller

    21. Malignant Neoplasms

    Mark Biro and Vesna Petronic-Rosic

    22. Cutaneous Lymphomas

    Emily Correia, Shalini Krishnasamy, and Neda Nikbakht

    23. Diseases of the Hair

    Rodney Sinclair and Wei-Liang Koh

    24. Diseases of the Nails

    Robert Baran and Shari Lipner

    25. Disorders of Pigmentation

    Michael Joseph Lavery, Charles Cathcart, and Hasan Aksoy

    26. Psychocutaneous Disorders

    Kristen Russomanno and Vesna M. Petronic-Rosic

    27. Sexually Transmitted Diseases

    Aarthy K. Uthayakumar and Christopher B. Bunker

    28. Pregnancy and Skin Disease

    Tugba Kevser Uzuncakmak, Ozge Askin, and Yalçın Tüzün

    29. Systemic Diseases and the Skin

    Jana Kazandjieva, Razvigor Darlenski, and Nikolai Tsankov

    30. Diseases of Infancy and Childhood

    Serap Utaş

    31. Nutritional Diseases

    Chelsea Kesty, Madeline Hooper, Erin McClure, Emily Chea, and Cynthia Bartus



    Ayse Serap Karadag, MD works at Department of Dermatology, Istanbul Arel University School of Medicine, and Memorial Health Group Atasehir and Sisli Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

    Lawrence Charles Parish, MD, MD (Hon) teaches at Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Biology, Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Center for International Dermatology, Philadelphia, PA, USA

    Jordan Wang, MD, MBE, MBA teaches at Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Biology, Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA, and Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York, New York, NY, USA

    'The book now reflects the modern world and clearly has moved with the times. Two editors are from the USA and one is from Turkey with contributors from both sides of the Atlantic. So, this is a truly global textbook which is just over 400 pages. Within these 400 pages, there is a superb coverage of general dermatology which will be most helpful to medical students, junior doctors and GPs and other healthcare professionals will find this book informative and educational.'

    Dr Harry Brown, Glycosmedia, Diabetes News Service

    "...a beautifully produced soft back textbook. Based on science and modern research with concise descriptions, easily readable, and clinical photographs, reflecting the world’s true populations. An ideal entrée for clinicians who think they would love dermatology."


    "...a useful, sophisticated, initial dermatology reference for non-dermatology physicians and medical students to study."

    Doody's Review